Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Alumni - Lotti Haxell

Here is some stuff about what I've been up to...

D&AD: Creative Partnerships Intern.
I feel incredibly lucky that I managed to land my first internship with D&AD. I know over 200 people applied for the position, and I think that my unusual CV helped me out a lot with the application, the edible factor has served me pretty well so far !

The job was quite unusual in many ways. In summary, I was assisting the Partnerships Manager in running their yearly Graduate Academy, where they select students from around the World to join D&AD in London. The students attend workshops and training days with some really big name agencies. My job was to assist in the planning, running and execution of these events, including the Student Awards, photo-shoots & the Wrap Party. Partnerships basically just meant liaising with people, which was unbelievably scary to do straight from Uni, (just having to get on the phone to people like Rankin and ask them to do stuff for free for you!) but luckily I had great support from the team. It was great fun.

In my role, I also designed some pieces for D&AD including a handbook which was sent to the Graduates, supporters & collaborators, and also an invite to the wrap party, which was great exposure.
See image below:

I think the key thing that I have learned so far from the places I have worked, is to be flexible. I believe making the effort to go the extra mile I has served me better than many of the skills listed on my CV.

There are loads of pictures on the D&AD Flickr feed, They start about here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dandaduk/page8/
Couple of videos made my some of the students here too:
http://vimeo.com/user12479620/ gradacad , http://vimeo.com/44799195

I also was lucky enough to work on and attend the D&AD Professional Awards, which was a totally mind-blowing experience. So many sick artists walking around, drinking martinis, it was sick. Pics

London Design Festival at the V&A
Also here is the event that I managed at the V&A Last week. I was passed into it from D&AD, and I was literally the most under-qualified person in the World, pretending I knew how to actually do any of the stuff everyone was talking about ! I dunno, I've turned into an adult ! I hate it ! :)

Lotti's website: http://www.wundergrafik.com/

Alumni - Carl Reed

Hello! I just received this in the post. I’ve been featured in the Japanese illustration book Artbox file volume 10. Some lovely work in there from some brilliant and inspiring illustrators, so I’m chuffed to be included in this.

...And thanks to Carl for our fab NEW blog headder:

Monday, 24 September 2012

Becca King, Portsmouth Calling exhibition.

Portsmouth Calling Exhibition
Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 7 July - 26 August 2012
Featuring: Mike Blackman, Peta Lloyd, Karen Brandon, Rebecca King, Matt Parsons, Dominic Smith, Lisa Traxler.

is continuing to ask the question – What’s Your Revolution? Artists living within a one-hour journey of aspex were invited to submit works for possible inclusion in Portsmouth Calling with the condition that their works are inspired by riot and/or protest. A great variety of work in a diverse range of media and scale was received and after careful consideration by ’s Clive Caswell, Programme Manager and Joanne Bushnell, Director, the works, which can now be seen on the walls, screens and suspended overhead were selected.
The seven artists selected to appear in the show are at varying stages of their careers or studies, yet the work is of a consistently high standard and serves to underline the quality of artistic output within the region.

Here's Becca King's artwork.


RJ - Street Festival

I submitted my portfolio to Upfest - The Urban Paint Festival and was accepted to paint in their street art festival in June which led on to a lot of sales over the summer:


Amber Jefferson-Grant - Book cover illustration

I was lucky enough to be invited to illustrate the front cover of The Little Book of Prison by Frankie Owens. The book is available in various bookshops including Waterstones and online.

Emma Nicol - Bookbinding Workshop

Today I ran a book binding workshop at the Beneficial Foundation. Everyone that attend was really pleased with the books they had created. I will be repeating this workshop again at the end of September, so watch this space!

Curtis Hylton - workshops and murals

Been doing a number of kids workshops (in Tadley) the past couple of weeks, basically getting them to sketch designs, make stencils and get to grips with working with spray-paint. Its amusing and frustrating to say the least. Yeah, this was a skate park myself Kev Munday and Dan painted with the help of the kids doing some love hearts and stars in the background.

Alumni - Caroline Misselbrook

The 2012 Creaturemag Festival Edition, Illustration based on the 'People's Front Room' at Cambridge Folk Festival. To see the publication click here:

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Kevin Marsden - Sequential Unit images used

Kevin focussed on 'testicular cancer' as a theme for his level 5 (year 2) Sequential Unit.
His images were later published by Orchid Cancer
Orchid exists to save men's lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers
through pioneering research and promoting awareness


Saturday, 22 September 2012

Alumni - Matt Ward (Linguistine)

Linguistine is the creation of Matt Ward, a UK based illustrator and art director.
Graduated from the course back in 1996.
Matt has worked with various clients including ad agency MC Saatchi and has been involved with contributing typography, design and illustration for various publications over the last ten years, many of which are widely available pan-European publications. He is part-founder and art director of Kingpin Skateboarding Europa, which is distributed worldwide in 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and German. Matt is also the current art director of Surf Europe magazine. Other creative contribution include Illustration for MTV's Mono series, design and illustration for Onboard Snowboarding magazine and Dirt mountain bike magazine.

Amber Elliot work experience at Jelly London.

I did a weeks work experience at Jelly London over the easter holidays. I was given my own desk and work space in the studio with the other artists and illustrators that work for Jelly. I was given briefs each morning with short deadlines of one to two days to get practice in working quickly for clients. I worked on an editorial brief to create a small image to go along side an article, a brief to re-design the 'Breakfast at Tiffanys' book cover for Penguin and a brief to create greetings cards with a running theme. All the briefs were real previous projects so got to compare my work with the professionals outcome. Overall an amazing experience and great opportunity to be in a professional environment and have a chat with the artists and gain some great advice on the industry.

Alumni - Jacob Hill-Gowing

A short animated guide I produced for a new board game called LINKEE. Find it here playlinkee.com

Lizzie Hug - Book Cover

Lizzie Hug has just had a book cover published.
Stinging The Devil [Kindle Edition] by Penny Nair Price.

Jeremy is everybody's idea of a nice guy. With good looks brains and caring inte
ntions he starts to study medicine at Cambridge. There he meets an arch enemy and rival who tries his patience, and even nice guys can turn a little bit bad when they are pushed to unreasonable limits.

Alumni - Jacob Hill-Gowing

Hey guys... I know, I know... I'm annoying. However if you'd like to wear a shirt with a picture of a cat with man nipples that I gone drawn then head over to Ohh Deer :D


Alumni - Jade Spranklen

Here are some images of Jade's illustrations and typography for SUITCASE MAGAZINE - ISSUE TWO

Alumni - Jade Spranklen

New work for Loud & Quiet Magazine. Grab the October issue soon, also features my 'Do & Don't' tips for aspiring illustrators.

You'll recognise this fab design, as Jade let us use it for our course blog!

Alumni - Nigel 'AceOne' Sharman

I got this project through a mate of mine, Joseph Vernon Slater, who is actually my hairdresser too! He was tired of working for hairdressing chains like Rush and Headmasters so he decided to set up his own salon. Anyway so this is the progression of photo's of the project of creating a brand for Mess Heads Hair Design and the mural work that went on inside the salon too! Great project to work on! 
Lots more photos here:

Alumni - Lotti Haxell

Lotti Haxell has just been featured on the Design Council website, as an up and coming New Designer.
Excerpt from the forthcoming exhibition...
As part of the London Design Festival, the Design Council is hosting Make and Do a collaborative event at the exciting V&A hub. What does British design mean to you? How does design bring joy, inspiration, help and satisfaction to your daily life? Join us for this lively session to share your ideas on a giant canvas to celebrate what British design means to us all in 2012.

Alumni - Caroline Misselbrook

The lovely Aspex Gallery in Portsmouth are exhibiting some of my work as part of this season's craft exhibition which asks...Does Making Things Make Us Human? It opens this Saturday (15th September) and closes on the 16th October.
Go and take a look around! https://www.facebook.com/daffillustration

Alumni - Pat Nolan

Patrick has just completed the sleeve illustrations for this publication.
He says, "take a look, buy a copy, spread the word...its a good read!"
When unexpected or unnatural occurrences take place, we try to seek a logical explanation to put our minds back at ease. But what happens when you run out of rational belief? What if your original thoughts were wrong, and that your only option left is the one that you truly feared? Second Thoughts is Richard Moule's collection of weird tales of horror and suspense. Whether it's a stalking Jehovah witness, a talking pile of ashes, black cats, polite cannibals, or a hungry vending machine, each tale brings it's own quirky take on the subject at hand.

Alumni - Michael Dane

Michael Dane has just had his illustrations published in this lovely looking cookbook!
He has also been working on other projects with a variety of people. Have a look at his blog here: