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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Alumni - Lotti Haxell

Here is some stuff about what I've been up to...

D&AD: Creative Partnerships Intern.
I feel incredibly lucky that I managed to land my first internship with D&AD. I know over 200 people applied for the position, and I think that my unusual CV helped me out a lot with the application, the edible factor has served me pretty well so far !

The job was quite unusual in many ways. In summary, I was assisting the Partnerships Manager in running their yearly Graduate Academy, where they select students from around the World to join D&AD in London. The students attend workshops and training days with some really big name agencies. My job was to assist in the planning, running and execution of these events, including the Student Awards, photo-shoots & the Wrap Party. Partnerships basically just meant liaising with people, which was unbelievably scary to do straight from Uni, (just having to get on the phone to people like Rankin and ask them to do stuff for free for you!) but luckily I had great support from the team. It was great fun.

In my role, I also designed some pieces for D&AD including a handbook which was sent to the Graduates, supporters & collaborators, and also an invite to the wrap party, which was great exposure.
See image below:

I think the key thing that I have learned so far from the places I have worked, is to be flexible. I believe making the effort to go the extra mile I has served me better than many of the skills listed on my CV.

There are loads of pictures on the D&AD Flickr feed, They start about here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/dandaduk/page8/
Couple of videos made my some of the students here too:
http://vimeo.com/user12479620/ gradacad , http://vimeo.com/44799195

I also was lucky enough to work on and attend the D&AD Professional Awards, which was a totally mind-blowing experience. So many sick artists walking around, drinking martinis, it was sick. Pics

London Design Festival at the V&A
Also here is the event that I managed at the V&A Last week. I was passed into it from D&AD, and I was literally the most under-qualified person in the World, pretending I knew how to actually do any of the stuff everyone was talking about ! I dunno, I've turned into an adult ! I hate it ! :)

Lotti's website: http://www.wundergrafik.com/