Monday, 24 September 2012

Becca King, Portsmouth Calling exhibition.

Portsmouth Calling Exhibition
Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, 7 July - 26 August 2012
Featuring: Mike Blackman, Peta Lloyd, Karen Brandon, Rebecca King, Matt Parsons, Dominic Smith, Lisa Traxler.

is continuing to ask the question – What’s Your Revolution? Artists living within a one-hour journey of aspex were invited to submit works for possible inclusion in Portsmouth Calling with the condition that their works are inspired by riot and/or protest. A great variety of work in a diverse range of media and scale was received and after careful consideration by ’s Clive Caswell, Programme Manager and Joanne Bushnell, Director, the works, which can now be seen on the walls, screens and suspended overhead were selected.
The seven artists selected to appear in the show are at varying stages of their careers or studies, yet the work is of a consistently high standard and serves to underline the quality of artistic output within the region.

Here's Becca King's artwork.