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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Strong Island Feature about illustrator Grace Parvin

Grace Parvin is an illustrator and designer who’s just recently finished her degree at Portsmouth University. She specialises in nature, and the activities which are taken place within different environments among different eco-systems. Creating imagery through both print and digital mediums.

Since a young age interests started to appear of flower pressing, kaleidoscopic pattern, visits to botanical gardens all of which have been combined to create and influence her work. Grace has recently finished a book called Rhythms of The Reef which she’s illustrated herself. I asked her to describe the process of how the book came about, “I started with the subject area of ecology on a wide scale which was then narrowed down to The Great Barrier Reef. Deciding on this environment as The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on our planet which can be seen from space. I became fascinated by this I wanted to look into species that helped build and provide structure for this eco-system. It was the colouring and the beauty of coral species that drew me in and on going research through out this project proved coral to become vicious and animal like when defending, hunting and reproducing.” 
“Rhythms of The Reef tackles the corals reproductive system and how space e.g the moon indicates coral to reproduce. The spawn of coral is a major event which occurs once a year and the moon indicates a synchronized spawn in which all eggs and released at the same time on the same night.” 
“I wanted to illustrate this to help give an understanding of how the lunar cycle affects everything on earth even reproductive systems. I guess you could call the book educational also. Combining illustration and science biology allows a more enjoyable and easier way of learning. Before starting this project I was completely unaware of any of the above.”
The colours build up gradually starting as simple black and white too bursts of colour. The sudden colour represents the blossoming of life and the beauty of reproduction.” Plog Magazine describes Grace’s book as “a thing of beauty”.