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Friday, 30 November 2012

Alumni - Fay Dalton

In November 2010 I won the Pickled Ink agency's Pickled Award, launched earlier this year in a bid to find an artist to draw a new graphic novel Party Girls by Super Gran creator and writer Jenny McDade. The judges, who included 2000AD creator Pat Mills, felt my submission set me apart amongst entries from around the world.

"Her photo-realistic characters ooze class, emotion, attitude," they declared, "and have an airbrushed quality that parallels the celebrity photographs splashed over the covers of today’s glossy magazines."

"She's the most exciting female comics artist I’ve seen since the Golden Age of female comics, which was so long ago most people have forgotten it existed (Jackie, Misty, Tammy etc) and that mainstream female comics once outsold male comics by at least a ratio of two to one," says Pat.

Alumni - Frazer Irving

"I also have another cover that needs to be shared. For those of you that follow the Hellraiser series of comics by Clive barker, I am proud to be a part of a new series called Hellraiser: The Dark Watch which I believe is solicted around now for a release early next year. Fellow dark doodlers such as Tim Bradstreet are providing regular covers and I get the elusive and collectible incentive cover (that means it’s going to be rare as hen’s teeth, so cherish it if you find it). Some industrious folks have already previewd the cover (with text) on Tumblr, but I’m a selfish glory-hog so I’m posting it as well sans text, in order to maximise coverage."  excerpt from Frazer's blog: http://frazerirving.tumblr.com/

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Paige Calvert, finalist of ILWF Next Top Designer

ILWF NEXT TOP DESIGNER, in love with fashion were looking for a dress design to sell in store and their co session stores which is Topshop. I submitted a design and was lucky enough to be shortlisted to the final 5. The five finalists got to see their dresses actually made-up and worn on the catwalk.

As a finalist and a fashion blogger ( http://paigejoanna.blogspot.co.uk/ )  I got to go along to an evening event in London where they hosted a catwalk of our dresses. A panellist of a writer from More magazine, ILWF Buying and other awesome people judges. It was a great opportunity and I made some great contacts during the night, and the best thing is I got to keep my dress!

Paige Calvert (left)


Friday, 23 November 2012

Alumni - Devan Lawrence

Hey I have just finished this large paper cut for a fine food shop in Shepperton, Surrey called 'Aziatics'.

Emma Nicol, Jazz Hutchinson, Lizzie Hug and Curtis Hylton have been working with pupils at Fernhurst Junior School and Devonshire Infant school to produce murals for the school playgrounds.

Illustration students on film!

Here are a selection of short interviews with some of our students...

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Fast and Slow Drawing Workshop

This was a Level 4 (first year) workshop in the Line and Colour Unit exploring the combination of gesture drawing with deliberative mark making (slow drawing). We were drawing peculiar objects mostly for their surface qualities and unique forms. Some of the objects included a cheap figurine, a strange wooden ashtray of unknown origin, a hacked up pumpkin, pineapple, red peppers, stuffed animals, and a large rubber dragon. Enjoy.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Paige Calvert - Work at Jelly, London

Here is the work I produced during my work-experience week at Jelly, London.

Paloma Faith
A series of illustrations for seasonal cards.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Level 4 - Drawing Workshop

Here are some images from the the Level 4 drawing workshop. We explored several exercises that exhibit the flexibility of the visual language of drawing.