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Monday, 5 November 2012

Sequential Illustration 2012

We've just finished the Sequential Illustration Project with our year two (level 5) students.
The challenge was to explore sequential illustration and design a protagonist. The protagonist should then feature in a sequence of five illustrations (the subject matter to be chosen by the student).
Here are some examples of what was produced - including final pieces and developmental work.
Click the image for a larger view

Sophie Burgham's sequence of how coral spawns and reproduces

The moon rippling through the waters
Initial formation of the coral
Coral spawning, eggs being released into the waters
Organisms beginning to grow
The final bloom

Greg Bennison's space journey.

Call to adventure

Crossing the threshold

The belly of the Whale



 Danielle Taylor The Hunt

Gina Hankin's sequence of Bat the Cat's adventures.

Laura Dewey's Alphabet book Healthy Eating for Kids, plus here paper cutting and laser cut experiments.

Bryony Drew, sequence and summer project.

Something New, summer project

Megan Bell's Weird Phobias

Emma Nutbeam, Little Red Riding Hood