Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alumni - Gemma Hawkins

These 5 pieces were used in the recent Gosport Discovery Centre exhibition in October this year. The pieces are all hand produced and digitally rendered. 

Piece 1: "Abstract" is a mock up for a  magazine, where I drew an illustration of a circuit board, scanned it in and zoomed in to colour each individual section to make it look like an abstract birds-eye view on a busy city.

Piece 2: "People in the room" is from my zine Advertising as an Infection which is displayed in over ten zine libraries in America.

Piece 3: "Sunset Surf" is a mock-up of a poster, completely designed and drawn on Adobe Illustrator.

Piece 4: "Technology VS nature" was a piece inspired when I saw people in a sushi bar, all using technological devices; laptops, iPads, mobiles etc whilst eating, and thought it was an interesting idea of raw VS manmade. This piece was hand drawn and digitally rendered.

Piece 5: "Kellys Tattoo" is a promotional poster for a local punk folk band.

At the moment, I am developing my own company 'Th'ink Sack Design and Illustration'.
I have completed various jobs for clients and at present am designing promotional material for a private events band in the South of France. I have also recently been offered the opportunity to illustrate for Portsmouth's branch of nationwide company 'Healthwatch' in preparation for their launch in the 2013.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Mechanical Animals

As part of first year student unit Research Methodology this workshop explores animals with the particular focus of incorporating mechanical elements.
See more on the Illustrated Menagerie link above.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Alumni - Jade Spranklen

If any of you lovelies find yourself in London on the 3rd (Feb) and feel like not paying for booze, watching live illustration, creative challenges and loud music come to this event I've help put together!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Drawing in space

A few examples of wire sculptures from the first year animal project, concentrating on using the lines created in continuous line and gesture drawing to model with using wire.

Excitng News from Nichola Bates

"Hi I’m Moo, maker, mother (ran out of ‘m’s) and generally crafty. I have a huge interest in stuff, particularly handmade stuff and I want to use Sew Southsea as way of letting all the other crafty people out there know what’s going on in our area. Sew, if there’s a new guerilla knitting group or a ‘Bitch n Stitch’ going on somewhere in our area you’ll know all about from me. I want to be the town craft crier basically….' 

"I have finally put my idea from the enterprise awards in to action and I am opening my own Craft Cafe. It's basically a place to do different craft workshops, get some supplies (fabric, wool, buttons etc) and also hire little workstations with sewing machines. "
More information to be found here :

Friday, 18 January 2013

Congratulations Polly Frank

Polly has just had her t-shirt design chosen for the Fableists competiton and with that a little cash incentive. Each article of clothing has a story - a tale with a lesson. The clothing is inspired by vintage work wear, made from organic materials, produced under fair trade and sustainable conditions. They want to encourage the kids who wear the clothes (and their parents) to care for the clothes with the same spirit in which they were made: wash as little as possible, in cold water, hang to dry and pass the clothes on…and on. A percentage of their revenue will go into producing books for kids and distributing them for free.

They were looking for 5 separate t-shirt designs to feature in their line, when they launch. They were looking for something that stays true to what the brand is all about: good for the planet, good for its people and a bit rock and roll. The t-shirts themselves are white. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

'Exquisite Corpses' workshop, in which specific animals 
were drawn in 3 independent sections by 3 different students.

For a more detailed view please visit the Illustrated Menagerie's blog