Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Alumni - Gemma Hawkins

These 5 pieces were used in the recent Gosport Discovery Centre exhibition in October this year. The pieces are all hand produced and digitally rendered. 

Piece 1: "Abstract" is a mock up for a  magazine, where I drew an illustration of a circuit board, scanned it in and zoomed in to colour each individual section to make it look like an abstract birds-eye view on a busy city.

Piece 2: "People in the room" is from my zine Advertising as an Infection which is displayed in over ten zine libraries in America.

Piece 3: "Sunset Surf" is a mock-up of a poster, completely designed and drawn on Adobe Illustrator.

Piece 4: "Technology VS nature" was a piece inspired when I saw people in a sushi bar, all using technological devices; laptops, iPads, mobiles etc whilst eating, and thought it was an interesting idea of raw VS manmade. This piece was hand drawn and digitally rendered.

Piece 5: "Kellys Tattoo" is a promotional poster for a local punk folk band.

At the moment, I am developing my own company 'Th'ink Sack Design and Illustration'.
I have completed various jobs for clients and at present am designing promotional material for a private events band in the South of France. I have also recently been offered the opportunity to illustrate for Portsmouth's branch of nationwide company 'Healthwatch' in preparation for their launch in the 2013.