Monday, 8 July 2013

Luke Spooner - One year on

Just thought I'd let you guys know that my online portfolio has received a little bit of a sprucing up under the 'Work' heading. I've uploaded a load of new work under some new client headings in that section so it might be worth having a look to see how my style has evolved in the space of a year (seriously....where has that time gone). Anyway, in regards to what I'm doing other than the stuff you can see on my site:

  • I've started looking for an agent, now that my portfolio has reached a fairly decent size and variety. 
  • I'm working on 3 different publications that contain ONLY my work for two different clients, all of which are horror and sci-fi based anthologies. The work in them is quite unlike my other stuff so they'll add a far bit to my portfolio in regards to style. 
  • I have 3 children's books coming with a new publisher, they'll hopefully be released between July and October. One I just illustrated but the other two I wrote as well as illustrated. They're currently entitled 'The Girl Who Could Make Things Float' and 'The Boy Who Could Breathe Fire.' They rhyme as well which is quite funny :) 
  • I don't know if you guys remember 'The Morrow Secrets,' the project I found through the uni during my final year? Well the author has signed a publishing deal with a children's book publisher and has got me to redo all the illustrations for the first book, covers and all, as well as signing me up to do the next two books in the series - which I didn't even know were happening. So that's a nice little surprise :) The publisher of these books has also asked me to consider working on their other upcoming projects, there was talk of re-working some of Shakespeare's work for a children's audience so I'm very excited. 
Other than that I get regular commissions from a couple of the people you can see in portfolio and am always looking for new ones. I currently have 3 more possible clients that are looking over their upcoming projects (and budgets) for things that might be suitable for my style in particular, so it's taken a year or so but I'm finally starting to get noticed and actually asked for work. Don't get me wrong - I still have to beat down some doors, and I constantly have to remind people I even exist but 99% of my workload is paid work, so I can't complain :)