Monday, 30 September 2013

Artworks, Illustration Alumni Book

This new book is now available for you all to view online via issuu and on your ipads as an ibook. Maureen has a Blurb hardcopy book for all to view. If you are thinking of producing books through Blurb it is worth having a look to see the quality of the printing and production.

Here's the direct link to 'Artworks on issuu

The following book is now available on the iBookstore:
Title: Artworks
Author: Dr. Maureen O'Neill
Apple ID: 713193732
View in the iBookstore

Monday, 23 September 2013

Luke Spooner

Hope all is well at Portsmouth, I saw the recent photos of the shiny, newly refurbished studio and was very impressed - wish I'd been there a year or two later than I was!

This email is just to tell you how great the studios look - it's to keep you updated with what's going on at the moment. I thought Instead of rambling on about all the various books and projects I'm involved with I'd just show you select pieces from a couple of things. 

1. Cover art for a new client called 'Pantheon Magazine,' I also do all the interior artwork for these guys.
2. A new client by the name of 'Gothic City Press,' this piece is the second book cover I've done for them so far.

3. One of my favourite clients; 'Bad Moon Books' has asked me to provide cover art for a new interview their publishing in both hardcover and paperback. The interview is the last known interview given by one the author, and co-founder of the original 'Twilight Zone' TV series: Richard Matheson.
4. One of about 20 pieces I've produced for two volumes of stories to be released very soon by Angel Leigh McCoy, a writer of articles, fiction, poetry and video games story lines.

5. One of about 5 pieces I produced for an anthology entitled 'Daylight Dims' to be released on Halloween.
6. One of about 12 pieces I produced for an upcoming anthology via 'Grey Matter Press' entitled 'Splatterlands.'

7. One of about 6 six illustrations produced to support a new collection of short stories entitled 'Forever, In Pieces' to be released via 'Villipede Publications.'
8. One of my earliest client: 'Mad Scientist Journal' asked me to supply the cover to their newest issue as well as design banners and interior illustrations.
9. A piece from a self-directed project entitled 'Postcards From Paris,' a series inspired by my recent trip to Paris funnily enough.

That is a fairly nice cross section of what I've been up to recently but I've also some very exciting things planned that I feel I should mention. In addition to all of this scary, dark stuff I've been working as a children's book illustrator. The only problem is that it doesn't fit in with my existing work at In light of this I've decided to develop a completely separate persona who deals with, and displays children's illustrations exclusively. This new alias is going to be called 'Hoodwink House' and will be launched along with an online portfolio and facebook, twitter pages etc once all the relevant books are out in circulation and/or I receive permission from the publishers to publicly display the work.

Monoprinting workshop - loves and hates

To get to know our new cohort a little more we broke the ice with a monoprinting workshop exploring things we love and hate, focussing this week on one thing we love and why.

 The new studio space in use.



Film buff

Pizza - the gooey cheesiness

Muscles and tendons

Reading a book

Monday, 16 September 2013

Newly refurbished illustration studios

We're all excited to show everyone a glimpse of the newly refurbished illustration studios.
Can you recognise it?
With cleaned out studios and new sky lighting it looks amazing.
There's also a proper space for the books and zines along with a better crit/lecture space.

Staff far

Starting to unpack the books and zines.

Lovely clear studio with new desks, chairs and blinds.

Desks have only just been delivered, not sure how we'll lay them out just yet.

New crit space ready for level 4 induction.

Studios looking towards book room and beyond that, a staff office.

Crit space has new double doors, so no more squeezing along the corridor.

Best of all the leaky roof was completely replaced, fantastic.

Looks great so far, still building work going on in Eldon, so looking exciting for the future!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Alumni - Becky Hanaphy

Just finished my first exhibition and actually sold something yay.
I am featured today on Business boom so thought I would share and see if anyone fancies a nosey.

For more on Becky's illustration work: