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Monday, 16 September 2013

Newly refurbished illustration studios

We're all excited to show everyone a glimpse of the newly refurbished illustration studios.
Can you recognise it?
With cleaned out studios and new sky lighting it looks amazing.
There's also a proper space for the books and zines along with a better crit/lecture space.

Staff office...so far

Starting to unpack the books and zines.

Lovely clear studio with new desks, chairs and blinds.

Desks have only just been delivered, not sure how we'll lay them out just yet.

New crit space ready for level 4 induction.

Studios looking towards book room and beyond that, a staff office.

Crit space has new double doors, so no more squeezing along the corridor.

Best of all the leaky roof was completely replaced, fantastic.

Looks great so far, still building work going on in Eldon, so looking exciting for the future!