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Friday, 4 October 2013

Peter Rowe

Hi Maureen 
I found myself reflecting on the past 20 years! And where I am and how I'd got there........

Well good to hear the degree course is still going strong. I was in the first cohort to enter the degree year once the polytechnic turned into a university..guess that was 1993? I am so glad I was able to switch from HND and do an extra year to turn it into a degree as some 10 years later it enabled me to get onto a PGCE course in Design Technology. That was after 9 years in mainstream. I am now  driving forward the technical, construction, art and music departments. My portfolio work from the old days still finds it's way out, including my Seven Deadly Sins project, the double page spread, step by step guide and the main jaw dropper...my breeze block totem poles. These were my main income between 1994-2002. I perfected these to a high standard and had a market stall and website selling my creative wares.

Here is an example of how tight my carving got, I only have six left....heirlooms for my two boys (5-6).