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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Jordan Baines working with 'Our Horn is Not Medicine'

Here's a great story from one of our Level 5 students, Jordan Baines. Jordan is working on a project about environmental issues, specifically Rhino poaching. Jordan posted a comment sharing his print making with Our Horn is Not Medicine a charity anti poaching organisation. They were so impressed that they contacted him to discuss the possibility of using his illustrations in the future.

Here is some more info about this from Jordan, plus some background as to why he's so interested in these issues...(the following excerpt is from Jordan).

This is the link to the ''ABOUT'' section on Our Horn is Not Medicine's Facebook page:

How it came about; - I used their posts as a platform for my current contextual research and I thought I would just post my image of my screen print on their page, just to show them what I'm up to. They commented on it and got in contact with me.

Below are some photos from my trip to South Africa, I volunteered for 3 weeks earlier in the year at a centre called Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. They primarily deal with cheetahs but also help other animals too. For instance they have just taken in two poached rhino's for rehabilitation. At the centre they have an array of animals from cheetahs, king cheetahs, lions, buffalo, ostriches, nyala, impala, zebra, vultures, caracals, servals, leopard tortoise, donkey's, chicks, african wild cat, a monkey, mongoose, rat and a goat to name a few haha... yes, it was the volunteers responsibilities to feed ALL of the animals on site on a regular basis :) Needless to say it was an extremely hands on experience.

https://www.facebook.com/HoedspruitCheetahCentre ... HESC Facebook Page
http://blog.hesc.co.za ... HESC Blog
http://blog.hesc.co.za/2013/07/ ... HESC Blog ( The updates when I was a student there )

Photo 1
Me and a Friend Nat who I met out there, sat on Sebakwe, he is the biggest elephant at Camp Jabulani, also the same elephant that was photographed for SA national spirit, Amarula ... Similar to Baileys. Me and Nat have talked about doing a fund raising event for the local rural primary school children who we worked with on Mandela Day 2013. She lives in Switzerland but is from UK, her school agreed to do a fund raising dinner party for her. However on the other hand in January / February I am currently in the progress of organising a small exhibition using Garbo's Hair Salon in Albert Road. I'll be using my last two projects work. I made contact with a guy called Nick Forbes, he has just completed fine art masters in Portsmouth. He runs 3 locations for young local artists to get their work out there. It's called +Art.

2nd photo
The bus we drove around in whilst in SA. This photo was in Kruger National Park, at the time I was unaware that it was the gold mine for rhino poaching as over 500 rhinos have been poached this year. KNP is the size of Wales so its pretty huge and huge struggle to maintain. Poachers tend to poach on the boarder of Mozambique as if they are 'rudely interrupted' by KNP rangers they can flea to Mozambique where the guards can't do nothing about it. The photo I took myself and edited using my Sony Xperia.

3rd and 4th photo
I'm sat with a tame Cheetah called Cunchie. It was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. it was our treat and to say thank you for all our hard work over the last 3 weeks. 1 point in the stay we had to shift between 9 of us, 7 TONS of frozen meat at 6am. Also every other day do butchery and prep the all the big cats feeding, ie, cheetahs, lions, wild dogs etc...

We did have fun, I river rafted, slept out in the bush where the big 5 were present (Scary stuff), had a chameleon eat a meal worm from my lips! Visited KNP, went on a micro-lite flight, experienced SA rich and beautiful culture first hand and learnt so much from animals, conservation, languages, culture EVERYTHING!

Below is one of my illustrations, coloured in with the children form a local community school which HESC sponsors. This was on Mandela day.

I have more photos, over 800 in fact! haha :D
I could talk about this all day haha, Ive just realised the length of this message. Sorry!

I'll keep you guys posted about my two small exhibitions in Jan and Feb and the contact with Our Horn Is NOT Medicine. Hope you enjoyed reading, do check out the links and flick through the sites. Especially the HESC one's, it'll give you a more detailed documentation of what they are up to and been up to :)


Alumni - John Pullen

 I studied illustration at the University of Portsmouth and graduated in 2011 with a 2:1 BA (HONS) degree. Since then I have worked for The Milky Studio in London and taken part in a number of exhibitions, collaborations and self-initiated projects. I regularly work in a group collectively known as Zinezilla to put out limited runs of artist books under a set theme. Most of my activity takes place in a triangular area formed between London, Brighton and Portsmouth - although the internet makes it very easy to work much further afield. In the last 12 months I've completed a range of commissions for a number of clients including Cuckfield ArcheryThe AMP SocietyTotalMediaThe Red VinesWKND and Yoof Culture. These have included logos, illustrations, paintings and customised equipment. I've also had work featured in Mayhem! Magazine, Strong Island Media, Ballpoint Zine, The Milky Mail, Loud & Quiet and the BBC website. I love drawing. I spend most of my free time doodling and working on new ideas.


For more on John's illustration: http://www.john-pullen-illustration.com/

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Alumni - Magic Torch animate the TARDIS

BBC Focus Magazine: The Incredible Science of Dr Who from Magictorch on Vimeo.

Some great animation from our alumni at Magic Torch
Which is Mike Chipperfield, Sam Williams and Sam Chivers.

Alumni - Sarah Kent

I have been meaning to give an update for absolutely ages about what I have been up to but there never seems to be enough time in the day. However I have some very exciting news; I am featured on a double page spread in this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine for being one of six finalists in their front cover design competition! The judges told me that they chose my illustration to be a finalist because it was very fun, quirky and completely different to anything else they had seen.

I have attached my entry and there's also more about the competition and judging day on Cosmo's website: http://www.cosmopolitan.co.uk/celebs/ultimate-women-of-the-year/design-cover-finalists (Sarah is on the right.)

Being recognised by such a huge magazine is definitely a highlight since leaving the illustration course (which I really miss by the way) however I have also been very lucky, as after doing a 3 month internship as a Graphic Designer at Hampshire County Council, a position became available. It is VERY fast paced but highly creative and I work with really amazing people who also love my illustration style so I have had the opportunity to do some lovely projects such as a pop-up leaflet featuring an illustration of a tree house that is at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens (I have attached this as well as a couple of other interesting things I have designed/illustrated). The type of work I generally design are flyers, banners and brochures for different museums / countryside sites / library's etc across Hampshire. As these are family orientated sites a lot of the publicity created have great visual themes and are really fun to design.

I think that studying illustration was really beneficial in letting my portfolio "stand out from the crowd" showing another type of skill that perhaps not many other Graphic Designers have. Having said that, even though having a Foundation in painting and drawing is really useful, if any student wants to become a Graphic Designer learning Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign is an absolute must. I would also strongly recommend getting any work experience they can get (even if it is unpaid!) and making the most out of any opportunity that comes along. I know for a fact that without having work experience and doing freelance illustration alongside studying, I would not have got the job. Work experience is so important as it shows that you can get along with people and you are already familiar with how challenging designing with a client in mind can be.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and I would just like to thankyou for 3 great years of pretty much creating whatever I wanted and then ending up with a pretty great job at the end of it! WOOHOO.

Thanks, Sarah Kent :)

Alumni - Richard Goddard

I recently began an internship in the London (Shoreditch) office of The Audience, a company that
specializes in direct-to-consumer social media publishing. This has been an amazing experience
so far and I'm lucky to be here for another 3 months! I'm also very fortunate to be able to illustrate
at this internship as well as expanding my knowledge in other design areas. I'm really enjoying working there, doing a lot of quick edit fast turnaround work that keeps me really busy and I'm spending all day on Photoshop & Illustrator so I'm learning tons of new techniques. It's mainly graphic design work and photo manipulation but I do get to do some of my own style illustrations for certain projects.

For more on Richard's work visit his site here:  http://www.boredofmath.com/

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Alumni - Chris Jaffe

I hope you are keeping well and everything is good in Portsmouth? I don't know if you remember me mentioning that I was due to have a couple of books published when I saw you all during the third year show in the summer. Things have finally been put in place and the books have now been released, so I thought I would give you this brief update. The books can be found at www.hamptonbond.com, along with a number of other very good books. Luke Spooner has also had a couple of books published by the same publisher it turns out.

Chris Jaffe graduated in 2012

A visit from Justin Bateman, Course Leader, and Foundation Students from Fareham College

Fareham College students visited our programme on 20th November, organised by Charlotte Wheatland our education and outreach officer. They were given a course presentation followed by an illustration workshop. They also had a look at the Artists' Books held in the Ministry of Books collection in the Illustration studios

The students were asked to create a narrative image from 3 randomly selected words. Examples include:

A person; salesman, solicitor, window cleaner.
A place; in the car, in a lift, on the beach.
An incident; an argument, a fright, a surprise.

The images were made using scissors, glue and magazines. They produced some exciting work in a very short space of time, in fact so good we just had to add them to our blog. Well done Fareham and good luck with your UCAS applications.

Bob Wright

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Maureen celebrates 25 years!

Maureen celebrating being at the University of Portsmouth for 25 years!
Bob celebrated his 25 years last year too.
Here's the whole illustration team in the lovely new studios.

For those that don't know us, from the left: Jackie Batey, Ros Simms, Maureen O'Neill, Nicky Hay, Bob Wright and Louis Netter.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Visiting illustrator Neal Layton

A workshop for third year students run by award winning childrens' author/illustrator Neal Layton.

Neal's work can be seen online at http://www.neallayton.co.uk/

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Luke Spooner

I thought I'd get in touch to share with you some exciting news regarding my online portfolio. I think I mentioned that I was building a new site through which to showcase my slightly more child friendly illustrations, The Morrow Secrets (the project that I found through you guys and is now lining the shelves of WHSmiths up and down the country) being a key piece, but my other books are FINALLY being published on Wednesday and seeing releases in the likes of Waterstones. Very exciting indeed but it also means that I can now show you my new site! I still have Carrion House and I'm still very busy with all the work coming through, constantly updating that site, but here's a link to the brand new: Hoodwink House!

Also, here's a little synopsis/review for one of the books I wrote and illustrated on my own. I'm rather proud of these books as they mark a brand new avenue in my style of illustration quite unlike my usual stuff so if you could spare the time have a look then I'd really appreciate it :)

Friday, 8 November 2013

Back to Basics level 5 workshop

Using basic printmaking techniques to explore numbers and letter forms.