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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A visit from Justin Bateman, Course Leader, and Foundation Students from Fareham College

Fareham College students visited our programme on 20th November, organised by Charlotte Wheatland our education and outreach officer. They were given a course presentation followed by an illustration workshop. They also had a look at the Artists' Books held in the Ministry of Books collection in the Illustration studios

The students were asked to create a narrative image from 3 randomly selected words. Examples include:

A person; salesman, solicitor, window cleaner.
A place; in the car, in a lift, on the beach.
An incident; an argument, a fright, a surprise.

The images were made using scissors, glue and magazines. They produced some exciting work in a very short space of time, in fact so good we just had to add them to our blog. Well done Fareham and good luck with your UCAS applications.

Bob Wright