Thursday, 28 November 2013

Alumni - Sarah Kent

I have been meaning to give an update for absolutely ages about what I have been up to but there never seems to be enough time in the day. However I have some very exciting news; I am featured on a double page spread in this month’s Cosmopolitan Magazine for being one of six finalists in their front cover design competition! The judges told me that they chose my illustration to be a finalist because it was very fun, quirky and completely different to anything else they had seen.

I have attached my entry and there's also more about the competition and judging day on Cosmo's website: (Sarah is on the right.)

Being recognised by such a huge magazine is definitely a highlight since leaving the illustration course (which I really miss by the way) however I have also been very lucky, as after doing a 3 month internship as a Graphic Designer at Hampshire County Council, a position became available. It is VERY fast paced but highly creative and I work with really amazing people who also love my illustration style so I have had the opportunity to do some lovely projects such as a pop-up leaflet featuring an illustration of a tree house that is at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens (I have attached this as well as a couple of other interesting things I have designed/illustrated). The type of work I generally design are flyers, banners and brochures for different museums / countryside sites / library's etc across Hampshire. As these are family orientated sites a lot of the publicity created have great visual themes and are really fun to design.

I think that studying illustration was really beneficial in letting my portfolio "stand out from the crowd" showing another type of skill that perhaps not many other Graphic Designers have. Having said that, even though having a Foundation in painting and drawing is really useful, if any student wants to become a Graphic Designer learning Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign is an absolute must. I would also strongly recommend getting any work experience they can get (even if it is unpaid!) and making the most out of any opportunity that comes along. I know for a fact that without having work experience and doing freelance illustration alongside studying, I would not have got the job. Work experience is so important as it shows that you can get along with people and you are already familiar with how challenging designing with a client in mind can be.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well and I would just like to thankyou for 3 great years of pretty much creating whatever I wanted and then ending up with a pretty great job at the end of it! WOOHOO.

Thanks, Sarah Kent :)