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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Luke Spooner

I thought I'd get in touch to share with you some exciting news regarding my online portfolio. I think I mentioned that I was building a new site through which to showcase my slightly more child friendly illustrations, The Morrow Secrets (the project that I found through you guys and is now lining the shelves of WHSmiths up and down the country) being a key piece, but my other books are FINALLY being published on Wednesday and seeing releases in the likes of Waterstones. Very exciting indeed but it also means that I can now show you my new site! I still have Carrion House and I'm still very busy with all the work coming through, constantly updating that site, but here's a link to the brand new: Hoodwink House!

Also, here's a little synopsis/review for one of the books I wrote and illustrated on my own. I'm rather proud of these books as they mark a brand new avenue in my style of illustration quite unlike my usual stuff so if you could spare the time have a look then I'd really appreciate it :)