Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Year 2 blogs from 2014

Here are all the links to our second year students' online portfolios. Either designed as blogs, websites or uploaded to shared portfolio sites. Click on a thumbnail to visit their individual sites.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Alumni - Neequaye Dreph

Neequaye graduated from Illustration in 1997 here's an update of what's he's doing now and some examples of his fabulous work - from his blog.

"Neequaye is a secondary school art teacher based in London. As an established artist / designer with comprehensive subject knowledge, he is passionate about bringing real life experience into the teaching environment. He prides himself on his ability to engage, enthuse and motivate pupils. For the past two decades he has worked with young people in education, youth justice, the youth service and social housing. He has experience working in SEN and PRU establishments and with young people with mental health difficulties or with medical conditions.

He holds a post 16 teaching qualification (PGDE) and experience teaching KS3 – KS5 pupils across the ability range. Neequaye has delivered art programs in schools and for the youth service, prison service, youth justice and pupil referral units in Greater Manchester where he lived for nearly a decade, and throughout the UK. The young people He has worked with were from all walks of life and often were those considered to be hard to reach. Projects often focused around issues of health, citizenship and community agendas, relating to the Every Child Matters program."

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Alumni - Lloyd Jones

Hello - It might excite you to know that I just signed the contract to have a heavily updated version of The Princess And The Fog, my final MA piece, published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers next year and I couldn't have done it without my Illustration BA (hons) from The University of Portsmouth!

It came about because a course mate of mine on the MA, Emmi Smid, author of Luna's Red Hat emailed them and arranged a meeting with them to have her book published. In her meeting she mentioned me and my book for some reason! They told her to tell me to email them, I did, and here we are! Pretty cool. It's been heavily expanded beyond the version that I had up on display for the MA show to fit with JKP's specialist mental health portfolio so you might not recognise a lot of it. I think it's a lot better this way.

It will be released in June 2015 in the UK and the US, and July 2015 in Australia and Canada. More dates may be yet to come, as I'm told the book will come out in other places in Europe and Asia as well. Jessica Kingsley Publishing will be publishing it. They are a publisher who deal mostly with books about mental health issues and it is a book about depression. They are only just breaking into children's picture books so this will be one of their first. This is also one of the first few books specifically geared towards children suffering from depression that has ever been published as that's only a thing that has been discovered relatively recently. It will be an awesome book.
As part of the contract I will be given six copies of the book. I will keep one for myself, and I was always planning on giving one copy to you guys and one copy to the MA. I don't know what to do with the other three exactly but you guys are definitely getting one :)

I'm currently doing a teacher training course at University of Southampton.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Kelly McKenna: Designer at Target Publishing

Hello Ros and Maureen!

I just thought I'd email to see how you all are, and to give you a little update on what I've been up to since graduation (I know you all like to hear these stories).

So, I applied for a job in publishing during the last few weeks of my third year, getting ready for life after uni. I don't think i even got round to telling you as those last weeks we're so hectic!
But as it happens, I got the job! My title is 'Designers Assistant' in a publishing business called 'Target Publishing Ltd' We publish loads of different magazines from Health, Beauty, Sports and Food - here's the website if you fancy a (don't forget to check out little old me on 'meet the team') I am currently re-designing our most popular magazine 'CAM', making adverts and putting together our advert pages in two other of our biggest mags, oh, and all using InDesign - so thanks for that! After my probation meeting a few weeks ago, I thought it would be a nice time to update you guys. In the new year I am being promoted to an official 'Designer' within the company! I feel so lucky to be straight into this amazing job so close after leaving Portsmouth, but it goes to show that hard work pays off, and Illustration can take you in all sorts of directions.

Hope you're all well, send my love to Bob!
And tell all those level 6's of yours to keep at it.

Kindest regards,
Kelly McKenna

Rj has success for funding for 'In a Bind' project

Myself and Jim recently started a book binding project called In A Bind. Our aim was to make books for people in psychiatric wards and hold book binding projects and workshops in the community. We have just got funding from Tonic Music for Mental Health which has given us a massive leap forward and hopefully soon we will be able to hold our first workshop!

Congratulations to the students who have their work displayed at St Edmunds

The work is now up in the School and looks really great. Well done to Francis, James and Dale.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Winners of the Trafalgar Competition

Just to confirm the winners of the Trafalgar Competition.

Emily Freeman – Waves & Boats. £75
Sorry no image of this.

Jordan Baines – Door  £75

(Joint third place for the last 2 at £50 each)

Caitlin Cronin – Uniform.

Holly Stanton – Coloured ships

Thank you for the wonderful set of work. It was very difficult to choose the final pieces.


Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Some suggested viewing from Darren Garrett - Visiting Lecturer


IWDRM is a series of animated movie stills started in 2010. A video installation based on this Tumblr was shown in exhibitions at the Contemporary Arts Museum (Houston, TX), &FOAM (Amsterdam) and The Event (Birmingham).

Some of his favourites

Craig Valin - Pull Up Banner

Dear Craig

Photos of the stand with your illustration on the pull up banner, well done on your piece. We felt very proud having a creative pull up banner compared to the corporate ones around the room! We'll be able to use it for many events in the future hopefully.