Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Dan Pease and Alfie Passingham

Here is our video for #lovepompey.

We were asked to fill a canvas with tweets that were sent via twitter with the #lovepompey. We spent an hour a day for 4 days creating this piece. We were situated in the Richmond building. The video was made up from just under 1000 photos and edited on Final Cut Pro. I hope you guys like it. Dan.

Stop frame of mine and Alfie's canvas work!! from Dan Pease on Vimeo.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Animal Frieze

A collective frieze of drawn animals - 15 metres x 2metres

40 first year illustration students
One piece of paper

The project was also photographed at 5 second intervals.

left panel

centre panel

right hand panel

Extending Practice

Level 4 student Wyman Babbage went to extraordinary lengths to fulfill an experiment based on his chosen book 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. This was for the Line and Colour Unit, which had students selecting a Penguin Classics book and developing a book cover for it. Wyman created a screen print of a tentacle that was 20 meters long. He says of his idea, 'the thought behind the print was to try and create 20,000 leagues in a roll, and to work on a bigger scale. The design is to be 20m long with a key and scale, converting 1m=1,000 leagues. I also had the idea of walking the print length whilst trying to narrate a quick version the story.' I think you will agree that this is a delightful and compelling print and a wonderful way to extend practice outside of the sketchbook.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Alumni - Arran Mackintosh

In November 2012 I was invited to Seapoint International Artist Residency in Maine, USA as part of their 3 Days: 1 Artist show. I spent my time creating the New England Scroll detailing the local coastline and landmarks and mirroring Portsmouth, NH with my Hometown - Portsmouth, UK! 
The local community were so welcoming and receptive to my work, it was wonderful to share the excitement of bringing this familiar style to a totally fresh audience.

​Since the Gallery show I have created more prints for the local Lowell's Boat Shop and the full New England scroll is due to be displayed in the Portsmouth Discovery Centre in downtown Portsmouth for late 2013.

For more on Arran's work:

Monday, 20 January 2014

Exquisite Corpses

Inspired by the Surrealists the first year students created Exquisite corpses of animals. Based upon the parlour game Consequences, each section of an animal was drawn by a different person, and the paper folded to conceal the already drawn parts. The animal was revealed at the end.


Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magic Torch - BBC Focus: In Search of the Shadow Universe

Great new project from illustration alumni Magic Torch!

Animated cover for the iPad edition of BBC Focus Magazine.
This was a very tight turnaround: two of us over a four day period. Consequently, we kept all the 3D elements very simple in order to keep render times down: no area lights, no GI, no AO, no Dynamics and only a smidgeon of Mograph. We decided that as much as possible had to be done in the render with only the bare minimum done in post (mainly the lens flares).

The brief referenced the awesome work by Andrew Kramer on the Star Trek end credits. We loved using that as a springboard to explore our own ideas. Would love to have the opportunity to take it further...

Magic Torch (Mike Chipperfield, Sam Williams and Sam Chivers).

Monday, 13 January 2014

'Drawing in space'

Using gardening wire our workshop this week involved making wire 'drawings' of creatures we are studying for the first year Methodology project.