Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Magic Torch - BBC Focus: In Search of the Shadow Universe

Great new project from illustration alumni Magic Torch!

Animated cover for the iPad edition of BBC Focus Magazine.
This was a very tight turnaround: two of us over a four day period. Consequently, we kept all the 3D elements very simple in order to keep render times down: no area lights, no GI, no AO, no Dynamics and only a smidgeon of Mograph. We decided that as much as possible had to be done in the render with only the bare minimum done in post (mainly the lens flares).

The brief referenced the awesome work by Andrew Kramer on the Star Trek end credits. We loved using that as a springboard to explore our own ideas. Would love to have the opportunity to take it further...

Magic Torch (Mike Chipperfield, Sam Williams and Sam Chivers).