Thursday, 20 March 2014

Illustrated Menagerie

There are some great examples of work going up on the Illustrated Menagerie again this year from the first year students, who have been exploring the animal kingdom.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Level 6 - Lorna's Favorite Collages

Lorna has seen all of the collages and emailed  to say "These collages are great! I particularly love 'Apple of my eye', Scan Man' and 'Flying over Exmoor'. Looking forward to the to seeing them all and their titles at the private view!
Lorna x

Graham Rawle - Visiting Lecturer

We were very lucky to have Graham in for a lecture to level 4, 5 and 6 on Friday. His lecture was really exciting as he talked about his illustration work and creative writing. His reinterpretation of The
Wizard of Oz has won numerous awards. He explained his methodology for research and how he created his original novel Woman's World from found texts clipped from vintage women's magazines. He also talked about his new book.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Alumni - Alex Meli

Here are some beautiful designer wallpapers from recent graduate (2013) Alex Meli.
He's now got his own range! - The Untold Story

"The Untold Story is the first collection of wallpapers from young British creative Alexander Meli. Featuring a high level of attention to detail, combined with the designer's signature touch of madness, these are a beautiful range of cutting edge prints. As for the collection name, well, if we told you what it was inspired by, we'd have to change it!"
Quote from Designer Wallpapers' website


Alumni - Charlotte Hockley

Hello, I am currently working as an Art & Photography Technician at Queen Mary's College.
There's great artwork on exhibition soon, photography, illustrations, weaving, fine art, printmaking, textiles are all on display. 
We were proving that teachers (and technicians) can create too. Dispelling the notion of 'Those who can, do. Those that can't, teach.' I went back to my uni roots for inspiration for my illustrations and created a series of collective nouns/groups of animals which I have put in amusing situations. I have already sold a couple of them and the exhibition isn't officially open yet, which is very exciting! I also designed the poster for the exhibition (based on a graphic novel layout. Playing on the on the idea that teachers are like superheroes. Hence the title - By day, they teach. By night, they create. Well, that was the idea anyway) One of the Textiles teachers also went to University of Portsmouth to do the foundation year, before going to Manchester. She is an excellent weaver and has some amazing cushions made from alpaca fleece.

We are having our Private View on Tuesday 11 March 5pm to 7.30pm. It is at Proteus Creation Space, Council Road, Basingstoke, RG21 3DH. It is open to the public 10-21 March Monday-Friday 9.30am-6pm, Saturday 9.30am-5pm, closed on a Sunday.

Regards Charlotte (graduated 2009)

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rozelle Hawes, Paige Jones and Karen Treleaven

I am so sorry but I left out three of our level 5 stars. Rozelle Hawes, Paige Jones and Karen Treleaven  who were also involved with The Schools Project.  The picture of the prints (black and white printed images) were done by the class that they taught. I apologise to you all. Well done.

Alumni - Emily Harper

After graduating (2010), I was lucky enough to get full time work with a production company I had started to freelance with for my professional development. My job role started as illustrator and animator, building on skills I had developed on the course but evolved to include graphic design, creative scribing and workshop leading for creative workshops in youth settings. I have worked with Cass Productions to produce hand-drawn scribing videos for a number of high profile clients and council initiatives (if you see the MyJourney Portsmouth video on the big screen near the train station, it's my hand drawing!) and design clients have been incredibly diverse, ranging from Naomi house to Liverpool Football Club. Alongside work with the production company, I have gained freelance work through my blog and self promotion. This has ranged from education resources for Fulham Palace, fashion illustrations for a Audrey Grace boutique in New York and a organic hog roast company called Oink! On my degree, I specialised in my first love, children's book illustration. Since then I have illustrated picture books and chapter books for a number of self published authors, and I am looking for an agent for my own books.


Monday, 3 March 2014

Teaching in Schools Projects

Well done to Charlotte Knowles, Lucinda Wride, Emily Neale and Laura Dewey
for completing the project. The feedback was really complimentary.
Lucinda, Charlotte, Emily and Grace Moppet ranfours hours of teaching
Illustration skills to a class of year 10s atAdmiral Lord Nelson School,
they covered mono printing, net boxes,large scale drawing and wire sculptures.
The class loved the newskills they learnt, produced a decent quantity of extra work to
include in their portfolios and on both double length teaching
sessions stayed in for most of their lunch break to get the most out
of their new learning experience.

Emily again and Laura Dewey ran two double sessions with a final year
GCSE class, the exercises were based around portraiture, the current
theme of the class. The drawing techniques comprised charcoal,
collage, pastel drawings, detailed sketches of close ups of the face,
eyes, ears, noses etc and each pupil produced a wire 3D sculpture of a
face, including a punk and one wearing a tiara! The sculptures were
particularly popular as the pupils had not done this before and this
was reflected in their feedback to us. Pupils were shown a broad
range of images of other artists portraiture work as inspiration for
their final pieces, this encouraged them to research around their