Monday, 3 March 2014

Teaching in Schools Projects

Well done to Charlotte Knowles, Lucinda Wride, Emily Neale and Laura Dewey
for completing the project. The feedback was really complimentary.
Lucinda, Charlotte, Emily and Grace Moppet ranfours hours of teaching
Illustration skills to a class of year 10s atAdmiral Lord Nelson School,
they covered mono printing, net boxes,large scale drawing and wire sculptures.
The class loved the newskills they learnt, produced a decent quantity of extra work to
include in their portfolios and on both double length teaching
sessions stayed in for most of their lunch break to get the most out
of their new learning experience.

Emily again and Laura Dewey ran two double sessions with a final year
GCSE class, the exercises were based around portraiture, the current
theme of the class. The drawing techniques comprised charcoal,
collage, pastel drawings, detailed sketches of close ups of the face,
eyes, ears, noses etc and each pupil produced a wire 3D sculpture of a
face, including a punk and one wearing a tiara! The sculptures were
particularly popular as the pupils had not done this before and this
was reflected in their feedback to us. Pupils were shown a broad
range of images of other artists portraiture work as inspiration for
their final pieces, this encouraged them to research around their