Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Well done to the artists involved in 'Shaping our Future'

Six University of Portsmouth, Creative and Cultural Industries, BA (Hons) Illustration students took part in Shaping Our Future, by enabling the visualization of all the ideas discussed in the pop-up roadshow that took place in Eldon. The students who took part were, Bo Lam, Henry Tang, Joe O’Shea, Natasha Felman, Daniel Burns and Christina Ball. They did a wonderful job, very creative and professional. The external facilitators were particularly impressed with their work and they’ve taken some contact details as they may like to use them for future projects.

“It is exceptionally pleasing to know that our students can represent us beyond the Faculty and work as professionals to undertake projects within our institution that are of considerable significance. Capturing the Shaping Our Future feedback – by electronic web submission, in conversations and meetings, via the roadshow, and by your drawings – was incredibly important for the University as that feedback will powerfully determine how we move forward practically and strategically in the years to come.” – Dean Catherine Harper