Sunday, 29 June 2014

Alumni - Emma Dinnage and Alex Meli about to open their studios in Hackney Downs

Hi Maureen and Jackie, How are you both? We (me and Alex Meli) hope you are both well!

We thought it was about time to send you a quick e-mail and let you know what we've been up to over the past year. I think you already know about Alex's job as a wallpaper designer and how well that is going, the designs he is working on are amazing!. I decided spur of the moment to move down to London so I could be more involved in everything creative that is going on here. Completely by accident I ended up living down the road from Alex's workplace so we decided to pair up and start working together.

Last month we started renting a small studio space in Hackney Downs Studios where we are working on setting up a small collaborative business. We're in the very very early stages at the moment but are having an amazing time meeting people at the studios and around the area who work in the industry. It's hard work trying to fit it all in around our full time jobs and fund everything but we're so excited and definitely feel like we are taking a step in the right direction.

Last week we had some very exciting news. First Thursdays is an event run by Time Out magazine, every first thursday of the month galleries and studios in East London open their doors, host a little party and allow the public to take a look at the work and meet the people who create it. Alex and I went last month and saw some incredible work and met lots of exciting people (we also bumped into Richard Goddard!). Next week First Thursdays is taking place again and our studio will be open to the public. Hackney Downs are expecting between 800-1000 visitors so the two of us are working super hard to get our space looking lovely, make enough business cards and get some art work ready for sale. It's an incredible opportunity and we're feeling very lucky to be involved.

It's a fantastic event for networking (there's also tonnes of free alcohol and an after party which is never a bad thing) so if any of the students who have just finished are in London it's really worth taking a look, would you be able to put a link up on the Portsmouth blog for us?

Everything that we are doing here is really exciting but we miss the Illustration course and everyone on it like mad, I think we'd both come back and do our degrees again if we could!

Best Wishes
Emma and Alex