Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Alumni - Luke Spooner

It's great to hear from Luke again with an update on the freelance illustrations he's been working on.

Cadavers is the front cover of a soon to be released anthology of stories about what happens to our bodies after we die. It should be released before the month is out by Knightwatch Press.

Darling 1 is the first in a new self directed series of mine I do as an excuse to mess around and experiment.

This is Love and The Dead Are Not are two more illustrations from the 'After The People Lights Go Off' collection.
The God of War is another interior illustration for the next issue of Pantheon Magazine.

Fear's Accomplice Vol.1 & Vol.2 front cover designs for NoodleDoodle Publications' flagship anthology series. They've also got me to do the halloween edition which follows a similar vein in both style and character.

Ares, base 000-1 (which is actually called 'Mother Gaia') and House of clouds are all for various issues of 'Pantheon Magazine. These images are for the cover of the magazine (both physical and electronic)

Amefurikozo is for the front cover of 'Latchkey Tales,' a series run by Solar Wyrm Press. 

This is a possible design for a new magazine called 'Grimdark Magazine. If all goes to plan then this, or another design if they don't like it, will be on the front cover of their debut issue.

Brushdogs is one of about 12 illustrations I put together for a collection of stories compiled as the 'After The People Lights Have Gone Off' by Stephen Graham Jones and released through Dark House Press. 

To see more about Luke visit him at All imagery copyright CarrionHouse 2014.