Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Alumni- Caroline Peddler

It was really great for Jackie, Ros and myself to meet up with one of our old students who is now a lecturer at Plymouth, artist and illustrator. Caroline's work has gone from strength to strength and below is a short bio from her website. Take a look at some of the fabulous and exciting work she has been involved with.

I was born and bred in Cornwall but moved away to Portsmouth, Bristol & Bath for 13 years and came back in 2005. I now live and work in the county as a fulltime illustrator - artist. I have been taking commissions for my paintings and drawings since I was a teenager. It was only in 1997 that I was commissioned by Hallmark Cards UK, that I started to work as a professional artist.

My career went from strength to strength, and after working for various UK & US card companies, I got my first brief for a children's book with Readers Digest in 1999. I continued to get more work with different publishers and continue to illustrate children's books today. I have had my work published worldwide and my books can be found in over 10 different languages. I have over 40 books under my belt, of which a few have been best sellers. I am also working on my own story book ideas, both writing and illustrating. I also do paintings on canvas and board, which I exhibit locally & in Bath, along with doing artwork for cd covers and animations for video clips for bands.

The work you see on the site is a collection of my work to date. I have tried to include a bit of everything, showing the diversity and hopefully strength of my work.

I have recently graduated from an MA course in Authorial Illustration at UCF, Woodlane, Falmouth. You can see all the work in progress and a more up to date body of work on my blog.