Monday, 7 July 2014

New Designers Update

The staff are very proud of all of our students that took part in this years New Designers Show. Many students ran out of business cards as overall interest was very high which is really great.

Oliver Arthur Baines was runner up for the Pentland award. Judges made a special visit to arrange a meeting with Oliver and indicated their interest in buying his screen prints. Creative Review chose Oliver’s prints as one of the best of New Designers. Charlotte Knowles was contacted by Oxford University Press English Language Learner Division. Adam Mitchell was offered an exhibition in London in the foyer of an architecture practice. He also sold one of his artists' books. Frankie Curtis arranged a meeting with an app developer to talk about using her cartoons within their apps. An American visitor was very interested in the book illustrated by Sarah Ollis and Lawrence Page was asked to price his map for use in a textile design.

This is very exciting and encouraging for our students. Congratulations to you all.