Thursday, 14 August 2014

After New Designers Update - from Ollie Arthur-banes

Hi Maureen,

I just remembered that I forgot to let you know how that meeting went after new designers. The company was called Pentland, and a woman who worked there named Katie asked me to come and meet some people up there, and bring some Kitler/Mutler prints up for her to buy.

So I went up there the Tuesday after New Designers week. I saw Katie at the train station and she walked with me to there offices. We got upstairs and she rounded up about 25 of the designers in her office to look at my portfolio. I talked them through it and the whole great dictators thing, and they were all really positive and friendly. They gave me lots of advice and shops/people to contact in Brighton about my prints. I managed to sell 3 Kitler/ Mutlers up there!

Then Katie went round to other design teams from Boxfresh, Lacoste and Ted Baker and I showed my portfolio to them as well. She said she wanted me to meet the Red or Dead company, but they were away at a conference. She also said I should keep in contact with her, and that she would try and get me some freelance work for Red or Dead. I haven't heard anything yet but I said I would let her when I am settled in Brighton and making prints again.

Not sure if anything else will come of it, but it was a good experience none the less, and gave out some cards and postcards. Currently I'm still looking for a job in Brighton so that I can move down there before the MA starts. Hope all is well with you and all the other tutors! Sorry it took so long for me to fill you in!