Sunday, 12 October 2014

Charlotte Knowles Update

Hello! Just thought I'd send a quick message to let everyone know what I've been doing since graduation.
I got a job at Willenhall Community Primary School in Coventry as a TA supporting in the art room. A few weeks into the half term the art teacher left and I was given the chance to step up, so I am now teaching art across the whole school from Reception to Year 6 with unqualified teacher status! The children have been developing their scissor skills and making collages, experimenting with mixing colours and creating 3D work with clay and mod roc.

I'm having so much fun thinking of new ideas that the children could learn from and I'm learning so much myself along the way. Having art as a specialist subject in this school works so well for the children and lets me focus all of my time on art and the skills the children need to learn.

I've attached some pictures of what the children have been doing.