Monday, 7 December 2015

The Ministry of Books goes on tour in China

The books were taken to Hunan University, Changsha then travelled to Chengdu to Sichuan Normal University on Wednesday 25th of November followed by their final showing at Chongqing University in Chongqing on the Thursday.

The outline of the lecture was:
"The production of artists’ books is a creative way, through traditional and contemporary methods, that students can promote their concepts by self-publishing. It is important for students to have the potential to develop appropriate methodologies to become involved in this re-emerging area with its potential as a medium of expression allowing for multidisciplinary solutions. There are an ever-growing number of courses from degree level through to PhD where this genre is being used as a medium to disseminate creative work. National and international library collections, archives, book arts organizations and resources on the Internet support and facilitate artists’ book production and research. In this lecture I outline what distinguishes this genre from other art forms, what artists’ books are and the impact that they have on the students ability to self publish. I outline the influence that the University of Portsmouth’s collection of 200 books, its online archive and database has had on students in the school of Art and Design from BA, MA through to PhD level. I show physical artefacts (Artist’s books) from the collection and expand on how these and the archive affects learning, teaching and student research."

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Our new School Brochure, showing all our courses and facilities.

Maria X. Demas - Alumni 1999

Since leaving the threshold of the Illustration Course studios there's been a whirlpool of moments, those formative kind, that stay with you for good. In 2002 I landed in Athens, back to my roots and to job-hopping in the Greek TV and cinema industry. I started as an art director’s assistant and wardrobe assistant working my way to art director. Hundreds of commissions for commercial STBs as a freelancer, an occasional art show in hip gallery spaces in Athens followed. Then I take on storyboarding a long-feature film of 985 frames a great experience.

As I'm putting together this entry for your blog, precious team at Pompey illustration, I am a parent of two boys, ages 8 and 5, still married and I storyboard the odd film. I mono-print, as it easy to accommodate when you don't have a studio. I have been part of five shows (one-woman show 'Water be thy name', 2008, 'egg/chicken' group show 2010, Kefalonia Fine Arts Festival 1 & 2, group shows 2014-15, and a joint exhibition with Swedish designer Julia Heurling, 'Horatio & Celeste; a dialogue in space'2014).Singing has become a significant other to my illustrative practice, and the way I look at it interpreting is all part and parcel of either illustrating something or performing something.

I also teach young children art, through independent workshops in private spaces.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Wyman Babbage solo exhibition at aspex's Guildhall Space

Student Wyman Babbage has been rewarded with his first solo show at aspex's basement space in Guildhall, Portsmouth.
The exhibition lasts from the 2 December 2015 - 13 February 2016.

"aspex Guildhall are delighted to present a selection of works by Wyman Babbage, who is currently studying BA (Hons) Illustration at the University of Portsmouth. The exhibition has been curated by aspex’s interns Ollie Tubb and Kia Charalampous.Wyman employs a range of techniques and media including acrylic, oil, collage, screen - print, mono - print, spray paint, cellulose, inks and washes. The works on display tackle two themes: ‘WW1’, a collection of work exploring the relationship between image and text and the power of effective communication.
‘6° of Exploration’ provides a visual representation of one of mankinds greatest achievements, the journey to the moon, and with an ever increasing population, the work also touches on a quest for a new home. Could “our bright future” lie away from our current place in Solar System?"

Dale Silvester - Alumni

Hey everyone!

So it’s been a while, but I thought I’d check in and let you know what’s been happening since I graduated.

As some of you will know, following the New Designers show earlier this year, River Island invited me to an interview for a potential one month placement as a menswear designer. In preparation for the interview (apparently I was one of twenty people invited) I used some of my existing Illustrations and designs to create a large format mock up to show how they appeared on a variety of t-shirt styles. I felt the interview went well, but was still in shock when  they offered me the position a day later!
The time spent working with professional designers and creating my own original designs, made me realise how much I wanted to work in this field. The working environment is fast-paced, but extremely enjoyable. I found that the majority of designs follow the basic principal of our projects during the first two years of my degree – except you had to research and subsequently create multiple outcomes in a matter of hours!
Depending on the subject matter/style of the desired outcome, pretty much all of the designers would use either Photoshop or Illustrator to create the design, however if a certain brush or effect could not be created digitally, we were encouraged to use watercolours, pastels, or whatever we needed to create it manually! I thought I’d add this information for any future graduates that wanted to explore this field of design – digital skills are absolutely essential.

Anyway! Following a very successful placement, I was thrilled to discover that eight of my designs had been selected to be made into t-shirts! These have all been added to the official River Island website and are now in all River Island stores in the UK. I’ve added a couple of links below so you can see some of the outcomes, but all of them are on the website. Apparently some other designs I created while helping out with Boyswear will also be available next Spring.

The placement finished around a month ago and I have been working full-time at Southern Electric since…. This is however, until River Island emailed me two weeks ago and offered me a PERMANENT role as a Graphic Menswear Designer! It would seem that my t-shirts sold really well and my boss and other higher management were really impressed with how quickly I grasped what was required of me. I officially start on Monday 7th December and will be staying in London Monday-Friday until I eventually move.
I can’t quite express how excited and overwhelmed I am for this opportunity, and just want to thank each and every one of you for helping make this possible.

All the best,

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Alumni Fay Dalton illustrates Ian Fleming's Casino Royale for the Folio Society

Alumni Fay Dalton illustrates Ian Fleming's Casino Royale for the Folio Society.
To see more click here:

"This lavish edition, with artwork by acclaimed illustrator Fay Dalton, and an introduction by Booker-Prize winning author John Banville, pays homage to the enormous success of Ian Fleming’s iconic novels. Few characters have come to define a genre as James Bond has done, and this introduction to his world, with its merciless villains, spectacular dangers, ill-fated romances and exotic settings, is Fleming at his best." Images and copy from the Folio Society Website

Friday, 20 November 2015

Salvatore Rubbino Guest Lecturer

Salvatore Rubbino was a recent visiting lecturer for Illustration. He gave a great talk about his work as an illustrator and author, with examples from A Walk In Paris and from his sketchbook - beautiful work and wonderful observational drawings. Thanks to Neal Layton for the photos.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Line and Colour Workshops

Here are some images from various workshops in the Level 4 unit Line and Colour. From a very literal exploration of 'thumbnail drawing' to drawing from sculpture and responding to music, students are making connections between experimentation and invention. Through different tasks and media experimentation, students are engaging in a dialogue with their own working methods and the potential of different approaches. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bo shares her Chinese painting expertise with Helene - MA illustration

MA illustration student, Bo has expertise in Chinese painting and actually won the The 33rd International Japanese & Chinese Drawing Competition last year. She spent time with Helene also on the MA to show her some of the techniques used.

"The Chinese painting I did with Helene this afternoon was one of a traditional theme - A flower.
I chose to teach her how to paint a Peony because it is the most popular one. Artists normally draw it on a large scale or on long paper such as A2, A1 or even longer than that.
As Helene was just beginning, we decided to go for A4 first. We bought pure white and soft Japanese paper from the art shop. Basically Japanese and Chinese painting materials are very similar. Helene was using the smoother side of the paper, so the Chinese ink will be easier to control. Today we only outlined the whole structure including the flower (very thin line), the leaves (tiny line), and branch (thick line with not much ink). "

Drawing for research - MA illustration

Meg and Helene went on a trip the the Grant Museum of Zoology on Monday 9th Nov. 

Here's what Meg said about their research trip:

"I wanted to go as my project involves anatomical studies of creatures and collecting specimens and Helen needed to research the anatomy of wolves. It is a wonderful place filled with all manner of things in jars, skeletons, taxidermy and they actually get specimens out for you to draw close up (although it is best to ring before going to make sure they reserve a table for you). You are free to take photos so I ended up with about 150 pics.

We also popped along to The British Museum after as Helene needed some research of old garments for her character development (The last 3 photos are form there)."

Sunday, 8 November 2015

MA illustration - Presenting their illustration heroes

MA illustration students each presented a PechaKucha (20 images, 20 seconds per image), about their illustration heroes and heroines. Meg presented about Edward Gorey, Bo on Peichung, Helene - Cyril Rolando, Jordan - Oliver Jeffers, Malu - Quentin Blake, Erica - Simms Taback and Antonia spoke about Andrea Dezo. A great day for sharing visual research and some fascinating discussions after.
Later we will be exploring 'advanced techniques' and considering 'emerging trends'.
Thanks for everyone for taking the photos.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Aline Dovlatyarian - Work exhibited at Battersea Art Centre

An update on what I have been up to since leaving.

I entered this competition for images inspired by the Battersea Power Station and the prize was to exhibit at the Battersea Art Centre in London for a weekend, there were some really amazing pieces of work exhibited by other artists. Over 500 artists entered so I was excited when I got chosen to exhibit.

I did an internship at an illustration/design agency for two weeks where I mainly got to do layout work for the Evolve Books Project which was great for me. After finishing that I had my exhibition at Battersea Art Centre and I am now currently doing a three month internship in London with an artist management agency where I get to walk past the buildings I was illustrating in my final year.  How great is that ha ha. Its very different from illustration as I work with fashion photographers, stylists and beauty stylists.   I’m really enjoying it and feel like I’m picking up new skills and I also get to see how the agents work. I think it was worth doing the short internship first and then moving on to a longer one so that I could see if I would like it. Applying for internships is definitely handwork. The earlier you start the better…preferably before you finish University as there are so many people going for the same internships.

Aline Dovlatyarian

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

MA illustration students selected for the 'New Educator' project

Well done to MA illustration students, Jordan Baines and Bo Sun Lam who have been selected to become a 'New Educator' - a collaborative professional practice project with CCI and Aspex.

This is a great opportunity for students to get involved in a programme where they will learn from creative professionals how to deliver their own creative workshops to young school students. Students will experience what it's like to work in a gallery environment and experience how creative professionals work. Please see the link for more information regarding the project:

Friday, 30 October 2015

Lorna's workshop for level 6 students

Here are some of the fabulous collages produced by level 6 students at Lorna's workshop on Monday.

Amazing to see how much can be achieved in a couple of hours.