Thursday, 29 January 2015

Illustrated Menagerie

BA (Hons) Illustration students from all course levels at the University of Portsmouth will be hosting a month long exhibition of their work.

It will be an exhibition of illustrated works drawing upon the entire animal kingdom as a source of inspiration and creative thought, from exploration of the subject matter, undertaken by local artists and BA (Hons) Illustration students.

Local artists have been commissioned to carry out workshops in Eldon Building with students also. My Dog Sighs and Los Dave will also be at the preview night on 30th January to discuss their works (4pm - 7pm).

There will be a public lecture given by both artists on 11th February from 3-5 pm.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Scraperboard Workshop

As part of Level 5's Social Awareness Unit, we had a scraperboard workshop (also known as scratch-board). This black board is covered with chalky clay then coated with Indian ink and it can then be scraped to give a very sharp white line. Scraperboard was used for many illustrations in magazines during the 20s-50s as it was cheaper than engraving but still gave clarity of line. Each student was given a specific location that they had to gather reference imagery on - using StreetView. They then experimented drawing cityscapes and architecture using this traditional material.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Guy Begbie -Guest lecturer and Book Making Workshop for Level 6

Guy came on Thursday and gave a lecture to our level 6 students. He then started a workshop where the students made a hard back concertina foundation structure. This could then accommodate drop down pages and sculptural pages that could be pulled out and up to allow for free standing paper engineered 3D elements, tactile multi faceted page surfaces, cutaway apertures and contoured page edges. The initial page structuring allows for additional pages to be added using pamphlet stitch or PVA pasting methods.

On Friday the students made a box structure that when closed, looked like a book and is able to be stored upright on a book shelf. It has a base and lid which are joined with a book type spine. This was made to enable the book to be enclosed within the box structure.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Joy La Jaxx - Alumni

It's not too amazing but every so often blogs get selected and put under the recommendation tab on the Tumblr website and phone app. Mine was chosen. It's quite good for exposure as its means I have 11k + following my artwork, few messages for commissions but not much else. I like the exposure though as it means more people seeing my work.

Other than that not doing much else, actually really competitive trying to find illustration related work in London (most ask for 6 months experience in an agency before even considering hiring you, so it would be really good to stress to some students in illustration to do work experience).

I applied for an internship last year and went through a selection process and out of 35 they chose 3 (or 2 I think) and thankfully I got chosen, so at the moment I'm at Association Of Illustrators doing a 3 months internship as a Publications Assistant for Varoom magazine. (Commuting there at the moment) but it's really good there and the staff are great, it's more like an internship than work experience as I have to do everything they do, calls, sorting contacts, sourcing images for the next issue release. So that's something positive, and I found out my intern boss was the illustrator who made Lima's hot chilli which inspired my Sequential Illustration Book and got me interested in art back in primary school.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Natasha Felman- Alumni

Hi Maureen!

Hope you and the team are all ok!
Thought if give you a little update on where I'm at...
I got myself an internship at a graphic design company in London that are world renown, producing huge campaigns for household names. (A fish in Sea) The companies also adjoined to a sister advertising agency. (Crew)
Only 3 weeks into my internship I was offered a permanent position on the team, working within both companies! (And for good money!!!)

A month on, I can genuinely say that I love what I do! Everyday is different! I've had spreads that I've designed in the metro newspaper, a national campaign for BA, countless logos!

I've had a lot to learn, mainly the technical side of graphic design and print setup but I'm getting there!
Anyways I thought I should just give you a little update!
Hope all is well and that the 3rd years are stressing as much as we were!
All the best!!
Tash Felman