Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Joy La Jaxx - Alumni

It's not too amazing but every so often blogs get selected and put under the recommendation tab on the Tumblr website and phone app. Mine was chosen. It's quite good for exposure as its means I have 11k + following my artwork, few messages for commissions but not much else. I like the exposure though as it means more people seeing my work.

Other than that not doing much else, actually really competitive trying to find illustration related work in London (most ask for 6 months experience in an agency before even considering hiring you, so it would be really good to stress to some students in illustration to do work experience).

I applied for an internship last year and went through a selection process and out of 35 they chose 3 (or 2 I think) and thankfully I got chosen, so at the moment I'm at Association Of Illustrators doing a 3 months internship as a Publications Assistant for Varoom magazine. (Commuting there at the moment) but it's really good there and the staff are great, it's more like an internship than work experience as I have to do everything they do, calls, sorting contacts, sourcing images for the next issue release. So that's something positive, and I found out my intern boss was the illustrator who made Lima's hot chilli which inspired my Sequential Illustration Book and got me interested in art back in primary school.