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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Anglepoise Sketchbook Winners Announced

We had 'the great reveal' of 40 concertina sketchbooks produced for the 'Anglepoise' competition. It was a fantastic but very tense afternoon with Richard and Simon from 'Anglepoise' who came in to choose the winners of the competition. Each student produced a narrative about a particular lamp through the pages keeping their concepts a secret. All of the work was shown in the studio allowing everyone to see all of the ideas. It was really exciting to have the students talking so enthusiastically about their concepts. The quality and volume of work produced by Level 6 students for the competition was amazing. Simon and Richard found it very difficult to choose five winners so after a lot of deliberation they decided to announce nine. Well done and congratulations to all of the winners:
Jonathan Scott, Paige Jones, Abigail Mcneall, Gina Hankin, Jasmine Birch, Frances Bell,
Melissa Lihou, Craig Valin and Dale Silvester.

We are hoping to exhibit all of the sketchbooks at the degree show. More pictures and information on this competition and the winning entries will follow. Thank you to all of the students, Richard, Simon and Claire for a really enjoyable afternoon.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Workshops run by Rozelle and Olivia at Admiral Lord Nelson

Hi Maureen,
Olivia Nelson and I were involved in organising a mini workshop session at Admiral Lord Nelson school at the beginning of February. We had a 2 hour session which was then split into 2. The class was also split into 2 smaller groups of around 10 and they alternated between taking part in our workshop and a photography workshop. We ran a short character building activity using the skills that we have gained whilst doing our own project work. The students were first asked to warm up using the 'exquisite corpse' activity. They really enjoyed working like this as they were all very intrigued to see what the outcome would be. The students also took it upon themselves to find creative and different ways to use the paper. We then moved onto use box nets to create small characters. Each student was given the same net and their outcomes were extremely different. Some chose to draw onto the nets and some chose to collage. All of their outcomes were brilliant, even if some of them did need some encouragement to work in this way.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Lizzie Stewart - Visiting lecturer

It was really wonderful to have Lizzie to give a lecture on her work and then a workshop in the afternoon. The workshop was based around story telling and it was suggested that the students
pick a six word story. They had one and a half hours to produce this with no words. They could use various formats including foldys and concertina. The finished pieces were really great. She illustrates and publishes books and zines of her visual stories and kindly donated two books and two zines to our collections.
If you would like to see more of her work please visit  http://www.abouttoday.co.uk/

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Alumni - Roberta Fidora

Hi Jackie!
I was looking at the Portsmouth Illustration blog recently and noticed there was a contact option. 

I just wanted to get in touch to say thanks for all the encouragement whilst I was on the course - I've just gone self-employed as an Illustrator and now run an Etsy shop full of secondhand treasure plus illustrated cards and gifts. I've also been fortunate enough to have sold my illustrated cards through online music retailer:

In other news, I polished up the computer animation side and got that weird budgie video up on a few music blogs, including Clash Music, Brighton Music Blog and some other one that said it sounded like "someone vomiting into his ears". Oh well, can't win them all.

Anyway, look forward to attending the next show, actually buying something from the pop-up shop and jealously shaking my fist at all who sail in the new and fancy Eldon building!

Best wishes,

Illustrator & Animator at http://robertafidora.com - join the mailing list!
Twitter: @RobertaFidora
Etsy: TheFidorium

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Wacom Tablets for the studio

Great news. We now have 5 tablets for you all to use in the studio. They are attached to the computers and you will need to come and get a pen from one of the staff. We will ask for your student card as security.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Meon Junior School Mural project

Bo, Paige and Gina have been painting a mural at Meon Junior School on the side of community centre wall it is 15.5m x 1.25m. It is a forest scene in the style of Henri Rousseau with camouflaged animals. Its looking really great and they have worked very hard in this freezing weather. Looking forward to pictures of the finished mural.

Monday, 2 February 2015

My Dog Sighs workshop

As part of the ongoing Illustrated Menagerie exhibition, today we've been lucky enough to have My Dog Sighs on site working with level 4 on a 'personifying rubbish' workshop as inspired by his 'Free Art Friday' work. As well as beautifying something on the verge of being lost these pieces are now 'out there', back where they were found this afternoon - we will post photos of them back in place as they come in...

The Illustrated Menagerie exhibition featuring the work of My Dog Sighs is on until February 27th.

Level 4 - Line and Colour Exhibition

Level 4 recently had an exhibition in the Long Corridor of Line and Colour book covers and sketchbooks. It was a great evening that was well captured (and edited) by level 4 student Abigail Fullwood. Take a look below.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Nick White - Doodle Workshop

Thanks to Nick White who visited on Friday to give a lecture about his amazing illustration work. Nick then ran a Doodle Workshop for Level 5, which had them drawing what Nick called out (e.g. A suspicious looking bear eating a Curly Wurly whilst being chased by an angry pineapple) with anything (except fine-liners), mostly in under 20 seconds!

For more of Nick's work visit his site here: http://www.thisisnickwhite.com/