Saturday, 28 February 2015

Anglepoise Sketchbook Winners Announced

We had 'the great reveal' of 40 concertina sketchbooks produced for the 'Anglepoise' competition. It was a fantastic but very tense afternoon with Richard and Simon from 'Anglepoise' who came in to choose the winners of the competition. Each student produced a narrative about a particular lamp through the pages keeping their concepts a secret. All of the work was shown in the studio allowing everyone to see all of the ideas. It was really exciting to have the students talking so enthusiastically about their concepts. The quality and volume of work produced by Level 6 students for the competition was amazing. Simon and Richard found it very difficult to choose five winners so after a lot of deliberation they decided to announce nine. Well done and congratulations to all of the winners:
Jonathan Scott, Paige Jones, Abigail Mcneall, Gina Hankin, Jasmine Birch, Frances Bell,
Melissa Lihou, Craig Valin and Dale Silvester.

We are hoping to exhibit all of the sketchbooks at the degree show. More pictures and information on this competition and the winning entries will follow. Thank you to all of the students, Richard, Simon and Claire for a really enjoyable afternoon.