Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Workshops run by Rozelle and Olivia at Admiral Lord Nelson

Hi Maureen,
Olivia Nelson and I were involved in organising a mini workshop session at Admiral Lord Nelson school at the beginning of February. We had a 2 hour session which was then split into 2. The class was also split into 2 smaller groups of around 10 and they alternated between taking part in our workshop and a photography workshop. We ran a short character building activity using the skills that we have gained whilst doing our own project work. The students were first asked to warm up using the 'exquisite corpse' activity. They really enjoyed working like this as they were all very intrigued to see what the outcome would be. The students also took it upon themselves to find creative and different ways to use the paper. We then moved onto use box nets to create small characters. Each student was given the same net and their outcomes were extremely different. Some chose to draw onto the nets and some chose to collage. All of their outcomes were brilliant, even if some of them did need some encouragement to work in this way.