Monday, 2 March 2015

Anglepoise - Thanks from Simon Terry

Hi Maureen

I have been extremely impressed from the moment that I started the presentation all those weeks ago. I do not think I have met such a lovely group of young people. They were engaged and enthusiastic from the start, listening attentively to the presentation and asking intelligent and informed questions. I have also never presented before where nearly all the students have stayed at the end of the talk to ask even more questions – extremely impressive and a testimony to the open and positive way that the course is run.

Due to the secret nature of the project between us and also between the students we just had no idea what to expect. I was quietly optimistic due to the way the initial encounter had gone. I was not however expecting to be hit by the sheer volume and quality of the work overall, and this was seriously impressive. Going round the room and talking to the students about their work it was clear just how much time and effort that had gone into this from each and every one of them. They were passionate and inspired, and it was great to see how they had connected this project with their other projects. For many of them the process had really taught them a great deal on how to approach future projects which was great to hear.

The format of the brief and the medium, a concertina sketchbook has clearly worked really well and it has inspired many of the students to carry on the kind of thinking and learning that this project has thrown up which is always pleasing.

In the end the quality of the work was so high that we found it impossible to get down to a final five and we had to settle for nine, and even then there could have easily been another eight or so that could have been chosen. Hopefully this will lead on to an exciting exhibition, awards ceremony and who knows where all this might go.

Many thanks for everything and looking forward to hearing from you all soon. Should be able to respond shortly on the other bits and pieces.

Inspiring and wonderful …… the whole teaching team and the course as a whole should be proud!

All the best