Saturday, 30 May 2015

Strong Island Award - Congratulations to Oliver Tubb

We would all like to thank Strong island for their support each year. Congratulations to Oliver Tubb for winning the Strong Island Award. It was presented last night at the private view of the 2015 Illustration Graduate Show.

Anglepoise Prize Presentation

Congratulations the the winners of the sketchbook competition. We would all like to thank Simon Terry for presenting the prizes. A great evening with all of the nine winners receiving  a lamp of their choice.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dale Silvester's work featured on Bare Conductive's website

You can see the featured work produced using electronic paint and a video of it in action at Bare Conductive's website.

Meredith Phipps - Work on the Guardian Website

Well done to Meredith.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pop-Up Book Open Cabinet Session

On Tuesday the 28th of April Olli Tubb, Illustration level 6 student and Greta Friggens from the University Library held the first open cabinet session. For more information on these books and how to access them go to:

It was a real success seeing a large number of Students, staff and alumni coming in to view all of these fabulous books. There is now a whole new collection displayed. Some of these are architecture books showing cityscapes and building structures.

With the arrival of three new glass cases in Eldon, positioned here outside 0.20, there is now the facility  for the Illustration course and the UOP library to collaborate in a number of small exhibitions that will facilitate the ‘library coming to Eldon’. These will bring together themes, collections and projects using work produced by students, staff and books and reference material from the library. We are hoping to have ‘open or reveal’ times where the glass cabinets are unlocked and supervised sessions are provided so that the books and work can be looked at.

Suggested themes are:

· Pop up books and paper engineering library books

· Paper- cutting, laser cutting examples and examples of artists who use this in their work.

· Printmaking, Artists’ Books where collectives of printmakers produce books and zines using print.

· Altered books, images from artists who use this method and examples from The Ministry of Books.

· Withdrawn books, creative work by Dr Jackie Batey and from London workshops. A call for entries   using library-withdrawn books for those interested leading to another exhibition.

· Mail art collection, books on mail art and examples from The Ministry of Books.

· Zines collection and library books on the subject.

· The Ministry of Books collection and library books on the subject of Artists’ Books

Friday, 8 May 2015

Degree Show Blogs 2015

Here are all the links to our graduating students' online portfolios. Either designed as blogs, websites or uploaded to shared portfolio sites. Click on a thumbnail to visit the site.

For graduating students from 2013 visit here:

For students graduating between 2012-1998 students visit our older website here: