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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Graduating students from 2015

Here are all the links to our graduating students' online portfolios. Either designed as blogs, websites or uploaded to shared portfolio sites. Click on a thumbnail to visit the site.

For graduating students from 2014 visit here:

For graduating students from 2013 visit here:

For students graduating between 2012-1998 students visit our older website here:

Monday, 29 June 2015

Lloyd Jones - Book Launch!

Well done Lloyd,his first children's book The Princess and the Fog has been published!

"Hi guys! I was wondering if your colleagues, students or alumni would be interested in this. 
I'm hosting an event at Cafe Parisien on July 17th to celebrate the launch of my first book.
I'll be selling copies of it and other stuff, talking to people and just having a nice time. It'd be great to see you guys there and I'd really appreciate it if you would spread the word to anyone you can think of who might be interested in what an alumnus is up to."

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Sophie Burgham-Alumni Update

Hi Maureen
A quick message as per our conversation the other day.

Since finishing university I have volunteered at Kew Botanical Gardens and the Natural History Museum. These opportunities arose from my research during my final major project. My project was based around fungi, and I worked with Kew's Fungarium for the majority of my research. Something I would really recommend, most places are happy to help you with your projects, it gives you extra bonus points for your degree and it gives you a foot in the door too!

Whilst I was at Kew I asked if they would have me for some work experience helping to curate the collections and it is through this that I gained enough relevant experience to be accepted as a volunteer at the Natural History Museum. Additionally, work experience/volunteering gives you access to the companies intranets etc. At Kew the publishing department had issued an internal advert asking if any staff members knew of anyone interesting in a publishing internship. I of course emailed straight back and got the position! Another bit of experience for my CV.

A year later I was notified of a position at Natural History Museum for a Universal Curator Internship. Part of a new project to merge natural science collections and the cultural collections. Working at the Natural History Museum London, Tring, Oxford Museum, Manchester Museum and Tyne and Wear Museum. I applied thinking it was a dream, however I was selected for interview! The interview was very intense and made up of 2 presentations, my worst nightmare, but one had to be about "your most inspiring natural history museum object/collection". I used my presentation that I did for my final project and only had to make some updates. I never thought I would use it again and yet it became the reason I got the job!

There were 5 candidates there, all the others had a lot of relevant museum experience, PhDs in Palaeontology and the like. When I left I was certain that I didn't get it. However I got a phone call and they had picked me due to my art/science cross over, something they thought was unique and they loved my presentation on my final major project research at Kew.

I hope that this is helpful for some of the third years that are just finishing!

I just want to add a big thank you to you too and thank you always for your vote of confidence! Couldn't have done it without you.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Screen printing short courses

An opportunity to learn screenprinting with access to specialist printmaking equipment and expertise from instructor Christian Bennett, and to allow you to experiment with a range of techniques and develop your skills and confidence in printmaking.

From 29 June – 02 July and 13 – 16 July 2015 the University of Portsmouth’s School of Art and Design will be hosting two short courses in experimental screenprinting.

The purpose of this four-day course is to provide you with access to specialist printmaking equipment and expertise from instructor Christian Bennett, and to allow you to experiment with a range of techniques and develop your skills and confidence in printmaking. This course will allow you to progress in screenprinting whatever your experience already.

The course will start with an introduction to screenprinting, and you will be taught a number of different techniques and guided through an appreciation of the medium. You will be encouraged to experiment with colour and layering in order to create interesting and beautiful prints. In addition to what you will learn, you will walk away from this four day course with a portfolio of your own prints.

You will be provided with the following materials:
A range of paper stocks and inks
Gloves and apron
A3 plastic folio to contain your prints