Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Congratulations to Wyman Babbage on gaining his placement

Hi Maureen

As discussed, here are a few lines to update the Illustration Blog regarding my placement.

After successful completion of level 5 and taking the time to visit various end of year shows and New Designers, the realisation of what is required to secure employment after graduation really hit home. Getting relevant work experience now, means I could have a better chance of finding work after graduation, whether it be for myself or a company. The opportunity to develop the skills and techniques i've gained whilst studying and put them into practice, working to real life briefs and clients is invaluable.

The facilities in place at the university to assist you during this process are excellent. Both CCI and Purple Door are on hand to help at every stage. The process itself, I felt was of huge benefit. Giving time to create a C.V, learning how to construct a covering letter and practising interview techniques were all relevant to my final year of study. After the submission of my Creative C.V and covering letter, I was successful in gaining an interview. The next stage was to update my portfolio and refine my interviewing techniques, both of which were tailored to the potential employer, making sure I researched the company and met the key requirements asked for. I tried to remain calm during the interview and honestly, really enjoyed it, talking through my thought processes and showing my enthusiasm was key. I had to make sure to listen to the question being asked and not be scared to take a moment and think about my answer.

Once the Interview was over, the wait began...along with the excitement every time the phone rang. Then the call I had been waiting for came, trying to remain calm and sound professional (not an excited little school girl), I accepted the job offer in an instant. To say I'm a little nervous would be an understatement. I cannot wait for the experiences that lie ahead. I would encourage all students to apply for relevant work experience, be it for a week, one month or my case, a whole year.

I would like to wish all of those embarking on level 6, the very best for the year ahead.