Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ebb and Flow Exhibition

Well done to Karen Treleaven (recent graduate) and Jane Savage (PhD student) who have both had their artist's books accepted for the Ebb and Flow Exhibition curated by We Love Your Books.

We Love Your Books is a collaboration between, Melanie Bush, Book artist and Dr Emma Powell, Senior Lecturer in Graphics/Illustration, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK

"As well as teaching bookmaking and making our own
experimental bookworks we collaboratively curate a yearly
international and experimental artists' book exhibition."

You can see Karen's book 'Seaside Memories' here:

Karen is very much inspired by her surroundings and personal experience of the natural world. Although the majority of her work originates from hand drawn images in pen, watercolour and ink, she loves to experiment with new techniques including laser cutting, screen printing and creating digital illustrations.

Seaside Memories is inspired by a collection of people’s memories at the seaside. These illustrated memories flow from one triggering and merging with the next. The metamorphic illustrations echo the fluidity and dream-like quality of memories. The immersive perspective encourages the reader to read as though the thoughts are their own.
(From We Love Your Books)

You can see Jane's book 'Murmuration' here:

Having completed a Masters in Book Arts, focusing on the Numinous as a subject, Jane is now involved in a practice-based PhD using Artists’ Books as a medium. The current areas of her research project are contemplation, aura, and oneness. Ebb and Flow has inspired Jane to consider scientific phenomena.

These two companion books comprise the images and narrative, the sky and earth, to a work concerning the ebb and flow of starling murmuration. The work explores a fascination with the mathematical wonders of the twisting and turning aerial phenomenon, and subtly plays with form and materials. (From We Love Your Books)