Saturday, 7 November 2015

Aline Dovlatyarian - Work exhibited at Battersea Art Centre

An update on what I have been up to since leaving.

I entered this competition for images inspired by the Battersea Power Station and the prize was to exhibit at the Battersea Art Centre in London for a weekend, there were some really amazing pieces of work exhibited by other artists. Over 500 artists entered so I was excited when I got chosen to exhibit. 

I did an internship at an illustration/design agency for two weeks where I mainly got to do layout work for the Evolve Books Project which was great for me. After finishing that I had my exhibition at Battersea Art Centre and I am now currently doing a three month internship in London with an artist management agency where I get to walk past the buildings I was illustrating in my final year.  How great is that ha ha. Its very different from illustration as I work with fashion photographers, stylists and beauty stylists.   I’m really enjoying it and feel like I’m picking up new skills and I also get to see how the agents work. I think it was worth doing the short internship first and then moving on to a longer one so that I could see if I would like it. Applying for internships is definitely handwork. The earlier you start the better…preferably before you finish University as there are so many people going for the same internships.