Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Bo shares her Chinese painting expertise with Helene - MA illustration

MA illustration student, Bo has expertise in Chinese painting and actually won the The 33rd International Japanese & Chinese Drawing Competition last year. She spent time with Helene also on the MA to show her some of the techniques used.

"The Chinese painting I did with Helene this afternoon was one of a traditional theme - A flower.
I chose to teach her how to paint a Peony because it is the most popular one. Artists normally draw it on a large scale or on long paper such as A2, A1 or even longer than that.
As Helene was just beginning, we decided to go for A4 first. We bought pure white and soft Japanese paper from the art shop. Basically Japanese and Chinese painting materials are very similar. Helene was using the smoother side of the paper, so the Chinese ink will be easier to control. Today we only outlined the whole structure including the flower (very thin line), the leaves (tiny line), and branch (thick line with not much ink). "