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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Maria X. Demas - Alumni 1999

Since leaving the threshold of the Illustration Course studios there's been a whirlpool of moments, those formative kind, that stay with you for good. In 2002 I landed in Athens, back to my roots and to job-hopping in the Greek TV and cinema industry. I started as an art director’s assistant and wardrobe assistant working my way to art director. Hundreds of commissions for commercial STBs as a freelancer, an occasional art show in hip gallery spaces in Athens followed. Then I take on storyboarding a long-feature film of 985 frames a great experience.

As I'm putting together this entry for your blog, precious team at Pompey illustration, I am a parent of two boys, ages 8 and 5, still married and I storyboard the odd film. I mono-print, as it easy to accommodate when you don't have a studio. I have been part of five shows (one-woman show 'Water be thy name', 2008, 'egg/chicken' group show 2010, Kefalonia Fine Arts Festival 1 & 2, group shows 2014-15, and a joint exhibition with Swedish designer Julia Heurling, 'Horatio & Celeste; a dialogue in space'2014).Singing has become a significant other to my illustrative practice, and the way I look at it interpreting is all part and parcel of either illustrating something or performing something.

I also teach young children art, through independent workshops in private spaces.