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Monday, 7 December 2015

The Ministry of Books goes on tour in China

The books were taken to Hunan University, Changsha then travelled to Chengdu to Sichuan Normal University on Wednesday 25th of November followed by their final showing at Chongqing University in Chongqing on the Thursday.

The outline of the lecture was:
"The production of artists’ books is a creative way, through traditional and contemporary methods, that students can promote their concepts by self-publishing. It is important for students to have the potential to develop appropriate methodologies to become involved in this re-emerging area with its potential as a medium of expression allowing for multidisciplinary solutions. There are an ever-growing number of courses from degree level through to PhD where this genre is being used as a medium to disseminate creative work. National and international library collections, archives, book arts organizations and resources on the Internet support and facilitate artists’ book production and research. In this lecture I outline what distinguishes this genre from other art forms, what artists’ books are and the impact that they have on the students ability to self publish. I outline the influence that the University of Portsmouth’s collection of 200 books, its online archive and database has had on students in the school of Art and Design from BA, MA through to PhD level. I show physical artefacts (Artist’s books) from the collection and expand on how these and the archive affects learning, teaching and student research."