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Thursday, 4 February 2016

MA illustration Guest Speaker Jo Offer

Tuesday our guest speaker was Jo Offer from the University of Brighton. She spoke about Inclusive Arts Practice and had some great advice about working as a creative professional within this area.
Planing and running collaborative workshops, accessing training, ethical positions and research.

Illustration students also presented sessions on Advanced Practice. Dan and Helene spoke about using 3D software, such as MAYA and ZBrush to aid drawing, especially in relation to character design. Bo, Kilends and Chris gave an overview and demonstration of digital drawing tablets such as the Intuos, Bamboo and Cintiq. Erica and Yada showed examples of creating usual textures with watercolours, such as salt, cling film and scoring. Then we experimented with scraperboard, not so common these days, but great for creating very delicate line work in monochrome.

Thanks to Megan for the Photos