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Monday, 14 March 2016

Shakespeare's Animals - Illustrated Menagerie

The Illustrated Menagerie has just installed a new group exhibition piece in the Portsmouth Guildhall

To mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death the Much Ado about Portsmouth festival (maap.port.ac.uk) will be coordinating an array of events and activities celebrating the Bard, and our involvement has been in exploring and illustrating Shakespeare's use of animals and their characteristics in his plays and sonnets. 

We couldn't undertake all 4000 plus allusions, but 31 of the animals are represented in this year's exhibition, which can be seen between now and June 7th in Portsmouth Guildhall's Freda Swain room. Portsmouth Cultural Trust tells us thousands of visitors will see the work over the next few months, coming for a wide range of events at the site, we hope they enjoy Shakespeare's Animals, and we think our first year students can feel proud of the breadth and diversity of imagery they have produced.

For more on this project and previous years' exhibitions have a look at the Illustrated Menagerie's blog.