Thursday, 14 July 2016

Alumni - Ant from A.K.A

Here's a message from alumni 'Ant' who graduated in 1999!

After studying at Portsmouth I founded a small central London illustration studio and since then we have worked for some pretty diverse clients around the globe inc Dreamworks SKG - P&G - Ford Motor Corps - TIME magazine - Hodder Headline - Random House and countless others. We used a very wide range of media to create our work ranging from Pen & Ink, pencil renderings, traditional airbrushing, 3D modelling, Photochopping, vector art, bespoke photography and particle systems. Our motto is create by any means necessary!! :)

We frequently read your blog and wondered whether there was any chance you could feature us on your site. I have enclosed a few examples of our work below.We are the commercial world’s equivalent to Banksy ;)
We can’t give out proper names but can tell you I graduated in, wait for it... 1999. Yup, that old!! ;)

Also our work can be found at:

Thanks, Ant from A.k.A