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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Workshops galore!

Below are shots from level 4 workshops and a level 5 workshop inspired by visiting lecturer Paul Collicutt. Students have been making the studio a hub of creativity! Workshops ranged from painting the city, sketching and drawing, collage and mixed media, letterpress and cyanotype. These diverse workshops inspire new working methods for students and push the potential of their work. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Portrait workshop

Level 4 students have been engaging in the art of portraiture with some unexpected results. Using a wide range of materials, students pushed and pulled features and explored materials in new ways. The hardest thing for many of us is to relinquish control but this can be essential for artistic development. Enjoy!

Monday, 10 October 2016

MA illustration update - Bo Sun Lam

Congratulations to Bo who has just been offered a full time job in Hong Kong!
Bo has been with us at Pompey for 4 years, for her BA(HONS)illustration and she
has just completed her MA in illustration. 

"I have just passed the first interview and second interview (teaching an hour class) for the job of working as a full-time art teacher in a place called 101 Learning Mall - an Art Centre.

101 Learning Mall has over 18 years' of experience in the education field. It is located in the heart of Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, with 12,000 sq-ft indoor space and a 3000 sq-ft outdoor garden. It offers a wide range of extra activities for children, with a fantastic group of experienced teachers.The centre is formed by a collective of teachers with expertise in a vast range of different fields - Playgroup, Music, Art, Mandarin, English and Dance courses.

I will work from 9am-6pm, Monday to Saturday in the Art department. Teaching children aged 2 to 12 mainly, and also any people who would like to learn drawing."

"Hi all, my children's book "The Cuboid Dinosaur" is now READY TO SALE in HONG KONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Price: hk$100"

For more on Bo's work:

MA illustration update - Dan Styler

Some great news from MA illustration student Dan Styler who has just finished his MA in illustration.

“I have been watching a UK Netflix series called Eastsiders, created by Kit Williamson. The series shows a real dark comedic but 'truthful' interpretation of a Gay couple’s relationship. After watching 2 episodes I was hooked and watched all of the first two seasons, until 4AM, even when I should have been sleeping. The following day I created a piece of Fanart, of the two main characters.”

“I uploaded my illustration to Twitter and tagged Eastsiders, and Kit Williamson expecting to hear nothing back. The next day my email went crazy from people who loved the show and wanted to buy a print of my illustration. However, this wasn't the biggest surprise as my illustration was retweeted by Kit and the Eastsiders show!
I learned that the Eastsiders show wanted to produce a Graphic novel/ web comic, so I immediately tweeted again and said I would love to do it. That same Day Kit messaged me and asked if I would do a sample page that showed the last scenes from the final episode; I drew them immediately and sent them off.

Kit loved my illustrations, saying that he was impressed with the style and the time it took for me to produce them. So I am now commissioned to produce their official graphic novel/web comic. This chance tweeting of one of my illustrations has lead to more work being completed for Kit on the Eastsiders project. I'm also thinking of numbering and selling prints of my illustration with half the proceeds going to an AIDS charity.”

You can see more of Dan’s work on his website here…

Light work!

A cyanotype workshop yielded some great results for level 4 today, trying out and experimenting with techniques to create layouts with personal significance. Our thanks to Russell Squires for his expertise and enthusiasm.

Monday, 3 October 2016

Cut and Paste Workshop

The first years had a collage workshop today, creating character designs based on three chosen words; a name, an action and a descriptive word for the action.