Monday, 27 February 2017

Music Inspired Art - Catching up with John Lihou

A great interview with John on Music Gaff

Friday, 24 February 2017

Visiting Speaker and Alumnus Luke Spooner

It was great to see Luke Spooner who returned to us today to discuss life at and after University, going freelance, pricing work, self promotion and of course his illustrations for a wide variety of publishers and audiences. As well as some humorous cautionary tales he offered some great tips for all the undergraduate Illustration students, many thanks Luke.

See more of Luke's work at;

Monday, 13 February 2017

'Lost and Found' with My Dog Sighs

Upcycler, recycling artist, street artist and can-man MyDogSighs worked with us today to help clear the streets around Winston Churchill Avenue and encouraged the students to create artwork from discarded items. Intrinsic to the workshop is the idea that the item is found - transformed and then left in-situ for anyone who wants to keep it.

In the spirit of Free Art Friday the students explored the techniques and concepts MyDogSighs employs and responded individually to the item they had found. These might be worth looking out for around the Eldon Building over the next day of two.

Here are a few of the pieces; there are more photos over on the Illustrated Menagerie Blog.

Teaching Volunteers

This year fourteen Illustration students volunteered to devise and deliver a creative brief in a local secondary school, a Further Education college, Riverside Special Primary school's Creativity Week and a local Infant school.

Activities included still life in mixed media, printing, drawing and collage.

Many of the volunteers wish to teach after graduation and this experience provided them with valuable classroom experience across a wide range of ages and abilities.

The teachers have been delighted with the skills delivered and pupils have the opportunity to ask about university life with current students and enhance their portfolios with new skills and techniques.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

'Mechanical Animals' Workshop - Level 4

Here are a few of the 'mechanical animals' produced at the workshop in which the first years created animal imagery incorporating mechanical elements and using it to communicate something about the animal's physiology.

You can see more about the project and the students' work on the Illustrated Menagerie blog

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

MA illustration - Lino Myriorama workshop

MA illustration workshop, where we created a collaborative 'Myriorama' in linoprints.

A Myriorama is usually a set of picture cards that can be arranged and re-arranged to form a continuous landscape. (popular in the 19th century and often seen as a children's game).

We marked-up the linos so we could make a continuous line when printing the images together in sequence.We rearranged and printed in alternate sequences to form the long print. You can see how the line connects the prints together even though the imagery is in different styles.

Children's Book author and illustrator Neal Layton visits MA illustration

We were excited to welcome Neal Layton to lecture on MA illustration, he showed us a range of work and discussed constructing narratives for children, his work as a student through to his published books and working with writers. Neal bought lots of wonderful examples of his books and sketchbooks in for us to look through.

Scraper-board workshop in Level 5

Level 5 had a go at using scraper-board to create drawings of urban landscapes found via Streetview.