Thursday, 16 March 2017

‘A Summer of Love’ exhibition of illustrations by Caroline Misselbrook

An evening reception to celebrate ‘A Summer of Love’ exhibition of illustrations by Caroline Misselbrook, celebrating generations of her family’s love of nature and creativity, takes place on 28th March at 6-8.30pm at Portsmouth Guildhall.

To mark the 50th birthday of the Summer of Love in San Francisco, the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) at the University of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Cultural Trust (PCT) host this show as part of our ongoing exhibition programme in the Freda Swain Lounge at Portsmouth Guildhall.

In this series of 10 illustrations, Caroline gives a new lease of life to the birds from her father’s egg collection, which he started as a child in the 1950’s during walks in the Westwood Local Nature Reserve and along Weston Shore in Southampton.

While organising the box Caroline found a complete copy of the Daily Express from 1961 underneath the sawdust. Adverts and articles form part of the watercolour and ink illustrations and highlight the juxtaposition of animals that continued to live happily around us while we focused on our materialistic lifestyles and had unhealthy expectations of men and women. It was this post war culture in the U.S., Canada and Europe that eventually lead to hippies or ‘flower children’ during the Summer of Love in San Francisco in 1967, rejecting these consumerist values and turning to art, religious or meditative practice and politics.

This show is part of a series of Summer of Love celebrations in Portsmouth. Talks, exhibitions, performances, film screenings, live music and other events will shine a spotlight on the history and legacy of the sixties counterculture.

The exhibition is hosted in the Freda Swain Lounge, and opening dates are 20 March – 21 June 2017, Monday-Friday, 9am -5pm, Saturday 10am -2pm