Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Alumni Update - K6 Gallery - Ashley John

It’s great to hear that Ashley John, one of our alumni has just been appointed to work on an exhibition at the K6 Gallery in Southampton.

K6 Gallery is pleased to announce the appointment of artist collective Stair/Slide/Space to work on an upcoming exhibition.
The collective is made up of core members Jo Willoughby and Abigail Gilchrist as well as Ashley David John and Letty Clarke (pictured left to right). They previously worked with K6 on the gallery’s inaugural exhibition, The will of another cannot fulfil everything. Splendour isn’t slick.
Despite their youthful looks they bring with them a wealth of experience and have worked with a number of galleries as either individuals or as a collective, including John Hansard Gallery, Aspex Gallery, Arnolfini, and Pallant House Gallery.
They will work on an upcoming exhibition to open in early March 2018 about the late Des Francis, an activist and amateur photographer who lived in Southampton. Their experience in running workshops, recording oral histories and archiving – plus their numerical advantage, helped win them role.